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Hey Guys!
Just been messing around with coding in Red-Eye's game save editor, and found how to host the 500 XP lobbies without XPLODER/resigning the game save, but with a USB.

First of all, Download Red-Eyes game save editor from

for Windows Vista/ Windows 7
Download Red-Eye's for Windows XP

IF you do not happen to have it, you should download it right here
-> Download Microsoft NET.Framework-4.5

Next, go to your PS3 with your USB plugged in, and go to Multiplayer. Go into a game, get a kill, then leave. Then go to your XMB and copy your Black Ops GameSave to your USB stick. Then remove it.

Now, plug the usb stick into your PC/Laptop. Once the gamesave editor and NET framework have been installed, open The editor. When it is open, Click 'File' and then 'Find Folder'. Navigate to your save game (Computer --> 'USB NAME' --> PS3 --> BLES/BLUSxxxxx) then click 'OK'

It should come up with a message like 'Saved files loaded and decrypted successfully.' You'll get the jist. If you get an error, you have either got missing GPAD0 files or the application bugged. Try re copying you data after loading single player and zombies too, or closing and re-opening the application. (works for me)

Once it is open, go to the 'Game Save Editing', the second tab along and highlight GPAD0_MP.PRF. In the box to the right, delete everything in there and copy this code;

set playlist '0'
set category '0'
set categoryPlaylist '0'
set wagerCategory '0'
set ClanName 'HOST'
set wagerCategoryPlaylist '0'
set input_targetAssist '999'
set cg_spectateThirdPerson '0'
set scr_dom_score_death '500'
set scr_dom_score_suicide '500'
set scr_dom_score_kill '500'
set scr_dom_score_capture '500'
set scr_dom_score_headshot '500'
set scr_dom_score_teamkill '500'
set scr_dom_score_assist '500'
set party_connectTimeout 1000
set party_connectTimeout 1
set xblive_basictraining_popup '0'
set bot_friends '6'
set bot_enemies '6'
set bot_difficulty 'normal'
set bot_tips '1'
set sv_botUseFriendNames '1'
set cg_playerState '0'
set customclass1 '^1*LOOK*'
set customclass2 '^2*AT*'
set customclass3 '^3*THE*'
set customclass4 '^4*COLOURS*'
set customclass5 '^5*LOL*'
set prestigeclass1 '^2JOIN*'
set prestigeclass2 '^5CODMPS3*'
set prestigeclass3 '^1ITS FREE*'
set prestigeclass4 '^3:D*'
set prestigeclass5 '^1XP HACK*'

(You can also edit the colour of your custom classes at this point if you so wish. If you don't have a scooby-doo what I mean, then just ignore that.)
Once that is done, click 'File', and 'Save Assett'. Now highlight GPAD0_SP.PRF and click 'File' and 'Save Assett' again. Once more, Highlight GPAD0_CM.PRF and click 'File', 'Save Assett'. Now click 'File' and 'Save All'. The message should read 'Files Saved successfully'.

When you have saved all, Exit the application and safely remove the usb from the computer, and plug it back into the PS3.

On the PS3, Navigate to Game --> Save Data Utility --> 'YOUR USB STICK' and copy the Black Ops gamesave. Now start up Black Ops.

You may be greeted with the messages as if it is the first time you have played the game. Ignore them and set up your screen as you would normally have it, then navigate to multiplayer.

Once there, start searching for a domination game. The coding above has set for you to become host most of the time, but dont always expect it.
Wait for people to connect to the lobby and the game to start.
(If you want to make sure you are the host, keep your eye on the loading bar at the bottom. Once it has loaded, if the text reads 'Awaiting Connection... x' then you are probably not host and you might aswell leave straight away, but if it reads 'Awaiting Gamestate...' first, you're in luck.)

Kill yourself you should get 500xP and
Job Done, search for another domination game and away you go! Hope I helped!

I changed to 500 xp Due to people being banned by hosting it

Thanks For Visiting
-JRSincProduction (xPyRoModz)

Black Ops 1 Hacks Ps3 Download Pc

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