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Dead Trigger is a game in which there is an opportunity to save the world from a horde of bloodthirsty zombies. A little courage and you will survive these creatures. In this first-person shooter, you need to defend, survive and destroy all the hostile creatures that will happen to you at every level. Do not let the virus swallow you.

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If you think that zombies are a fairy tale for kids, then turn around. In the modern world of technological progress, the power of the media, advertising, money and those who manage all this, homo sapiens have long lost their quality of thinking and become puppets. In Dead Trigger, people saw through the rulers of the world and rebelled against them. However, the government was prepared and launched a killer virus to the masses. Millions of people died, while others turned into ruthless killers. The player plays the role of one of the few surviving still uninfected mortals.



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You have everything to become the winner of this difficult war: a huge arsenal of weapons in which there are pistols, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, explosives and many improvised materials, but your main advantage over zombies is common sense. Of course, the tragedy of the situation lies in the fact that everyone who lived a measured life — friends, colleagues, acquaintances, turned into the walking dead. But either you are them, or they are you.

The enjoyment of the game will not end as soon as you might think. In the full version of the game, which can be downloaded from our website, the developers came up with a huge number of random missions. With each mission, the task is more complicated, but for the speed, number of killed and other achievements, the player receives a large amount of money. You will need a cache to get powerful weapons, ammunition, traps, drugs, and other useful materials.

Dead Trigger Hack Tool 2013 Download Free

Quality of the graphics and gameplay of Dead Trigger cannot be compared with any other Android games. Full 3D image quality of characters and surroundings. Detailing, animation and the appearance of the first-person image is the cause of continuous tension and goosebumps in the player. Well-chosen soundtracks and sounds help to focus on the game and completely immerse in it; they have 3D quality.

The online service updates the application for free on your mobile or tablet every time with new missions, weapons, characters or gadgets appear.


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Only ardent gamers can truly appreciate all the benefits of the full version of Dead Trigger. Although a beginner is also never too late to become a professional.