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Fritz Ritter started his real estate investing journey by house hacking a 4-plex. He made many mistakes, but he was always covered by the other tenants who paid for all of his expenses. On the other hand, when his first house flip went south, he was stuck with paying for all the extra expenses himself.

Dec 30th, 2017
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  1. pl=game.Players.LocalPlayer me=pl.Character xl=me.Torso['Right Shoulder'] t=Instance.new('HopperBin',pl.Backpack) t.Name='the_Parkour_Flip' local debounce=false function _restoreproperties() Holder = player.Character Torso = Holder:FindFirstChild('Torso') RightS = Torso:FindFirstChild('Right Shoulder') LeftS = Torso:FindFirstChild('Left Shoulder') RightH = Torso:FindFirstChild('Right Hip') LeftH = Torso:FindFirstChild('Left Hip') RightS.MaxVelocity = .15 LeftS.MaxVelocity = .15 RightH.MaxVelocity = .1 LeftH.MaxVelocity = .1 RightS.DesiredAngle = 0 LeftS.DesiredAngle = 0 LeftH.DesiredAngle = 0 RightH.DesiredAngle = 0 end function ManageAnimation(value) Holder = player.Character Player = player if value 'no anim' then Anim = Holder:FindFirstChild('Animate') if Anim~=nil then Anim.Disabled = true Anim.Parent = Player end elseif value 're-anim' then Anim = Player:FindFirstChild('Animate') if Anim~=nil then Anim.Disabled = false Anim.Parent = Holder end end end function Down(ml) for i=1, ml.velocity.y/3 do ml.velocity = ml.velocity+Vector3.new(0,-4.25,0) wait() end ml:Remove() end function Flip() if debouncetrue then return end debounce=true Char = player.Character Human = Char.Humanoid Torso = Char.Torso CF = Torso.CFrame Human.PlatformStand = false Human.Sit = true VelUp = Instance.new('BodyVelocity') VelUp.velocity = Vector3.new(0,-5000,0)+Torso.CFrame.lookVector*-30 VelUp.P = VelUp.P*-1000 VelUp.maxForce = Vector3.new(10000,10000,10000)*999 VelUp.Parent = Torso coroutine.resume(coroutine.create(Down),VelUp) Gyro = Instance.new('BodyGyro') Gyro.P = Gyro.P*10 Gyro.maxTorque = Vector3.new(100000,100000,100000)*999 Gyro.cframe = CF Gyro.Parent = Torso for i=1, 16 do Gyro.cframe = Gyro.cframe*CFrame.fromEulerAnglesXYZ(math.pi/9,math.pi/-18,0) wait() end Gyro.cframe = CF wait() Gyro:Remove() Human.PlatformStand = false Human.Sit = false _restoreproperties() debounce=false end function onActive(mouse) player = game.Players.LocalPlayer if playernil then return end mouse.Button1Down:connect(function() Flip() end) end script.Parent = t.Selected:connect(onActive)
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