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PUBG Mobile is actually not yet banned from the Indian Market - it has just been banned from the Indian Google Play Store. You can still play the game by downloading and installing the updates via a third-party website... and that's pretty much what you need to do when installing hacked APKs. In this guide, we would showcase the best PUBG Mobile UC Hack APK Download 2020 so that you can hack the game and play it with an unlimited amount of currency.

As you can get banned at any time, remember to use a spare account when hacking.

Table of Contents

1 - PUBG Mobile UC Hack APK Download 2020 Website

The first step to hack PUBG Mobile is to acquire the needed files. Firstly, you need to navigate to or and browse for PUBG Mobile (it is rather easy, they are pretty much on the main page of the site). The hack has pretty much all features from UC hack to gameplay hacks like aimbot or wallhack... you can turn only UC hack on, of course.

If you are interested in other popular online games... the sites also have them - from other popular shooters like Free Fire to action games like Hitman Snipers... there are also arcade games like Clash of Clans or Ludo King as well. All those APK on the site are hacked, of course - you would be able to play them with unlimited money and resources.

The best part about these pages is that they are constantly updated to counter PUBG Mobile's anti-cheat updates. If you see a new update on PUBG Mobile, don't update your game - just get back to the page and download a new version of the hack.

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2 - How to install PUBG Mobile UC Hack APK?

Firstly, you would need to download the APK (setup file) and OBB (date file) from the aforementioned websites. Navigate to either or to download both files. The previous versions of the hacks are available on kingmodapk as well, but it is best to just download the latest one.

After the downloads are completed, you need to run the APK file (if your phone displays an 'Unknown Sources' error, just navigate to device settings and enable it) to install PUBG Mobile's latest hacked version onto your phone. Remember to uninstall the real version of the game from your phone before doing this.

Decompress the OBB zip file and move the folder created to Sdcard > Android > OBB before running the game. You might need another software to decompress the OBB file, as it is compressed in .RAR and usually cannot be opened by mobile devices. Just download the RAR app on the Google Play Store to complete that task. Alternatively, you can get the files to your PC, decompress and transfer them to your phone via a cable.

After the data file is in the OBB folder, run the game and enjoy the hack.

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3 - What can this PUBG Mobile UC Hack APK do?

Unlimited UC and BP

This is the main feature of the hacked APK. Both UC (real money currency) and BP (game currency) are provided to the player at the maximum amount. You would be able to buy pretty much everything you want from the game, including cosmetics, weapon skins and outfits.

Auto Aim & Fire (Aimbot)

Game Hack Studios How To Download

The best and classic hacking feature in pretty much all shooters. With Aimbot active, you would always be able to automatically target your opponents and headshot them with extreme accuracy. This aimbot won't work through walls or covers, but that's what wallhack is for - no enemy would be able to beat you if you see them first.


A great feature that lets you see your enemies through walls. You would not be able to target and shoot them, of course - but it would end pretty fast when they come out. Most players prefer this hack over aimbot, as it is more challenging to use and hard to detect.

Cheat Detection Bypassed

This APK is constantly updated to keep up with the anti-cheat updates from the developers. Overall, you would hardly ever be banned, as long as you update the APK file diligently. Just try to use a throwaway account when hacking in order to protect your main account.

Device Root Not Required

You don't need to root your device for this modded APK to work.

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Your task is simple: There is a bad guy bullying kids at school, it’s time to punish him. Infiltrate his computer using your vicious viruses and get to the deepest corners of his hard drive avoiding firewalls and collecting shameful files in the sync wave realness.

Check how long you can keep avoiding any obstacles and be careful, further you go it gets more fast, difficult and dangerous!


  • Unlock 4 viruses after accomplishing tasks
  • Collect 5 shameful files
  • Enjoy the futuristic sync wave atmosphere of the game and hack to the beats of the hard electronic suite composed especially for the game.


Game Hack Studios How To Download Pc

  • Navigate using your finger or cursor
  • Collect shameful files and avoid any obstacles
  • Accomplish tasks to unlock new viruses
  • Stay alive and get to the top of the ranking


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We create our own projects and take part in game jams to challenge ourselves in a wide range of the entertainment areas.

We are united in a passion for games and great fun!

Game Hack Studios How To Download
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