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Want to do some in-app purchases in a game or in any app but don’t want to actually spend the money? and also don’t want to take any risk by rooting your phone? then my friend Appsara is really made for you. The latest version of AppSara apk is one of the best apps which lets you do any in-app purchase without wasting actual money. you can use this to buy coins in games to unlock certain levels or even to upgrade any item within the game.

Don't install APK's from the unknown source. If you really want to install APK's from unknown source, make sure you can view, read and examine the source code. The picture below is the source code of our malicious APK's in this tutorial. Share this post if you found it useful 🙂.

Many of the apps are out there which lets you do the same thing but the main thing is that you will be needing a rooted device to install and using that app which someone may find troublesome. For most parts, AppSara plus app doesn’t need root access. AppSara apk is a toolkit package that allows you to hack the apps or games to make free in-app purchases. it does it by exploiting the loopholes and hacking the apps.

So if you are one of those people and still want to make in-app purchases without spending actual money then AppSara is an app that is exactly made for you. Continue to read the article about how you can install the app sara application, How you can use it what are its features and what are its limitations.

Download AppSara APK V2.1.0 For Android (Official)

it is one of the best Android application to get free in-app purchases, you can pretty much skip most of the app’s purchase using appsara apk. In some instance, you need root access to do so, for the most part, it works without any root permissions. The best part is, this application is completely free to use just download and you’re pretty much good to go. You can download the application by clicking the link below,

it is one of the best Android application to get free in-app purchases, you can pretty much skip most of the app’s purchase using this app. In some instance, you need root access to do so, for the most part, it works without any root permissions. The best part is, this application is completely free to use just download and you’re pretty much good to go.

Download the .APK file from the link above, if will be stored in the “Downloads” folder on your smartphone. Follow the tutorial for installation & usage guidelines.

AppSara Info

CompatibilityAndroid 4.0 & up
Root AccessNot Required
UpdatedMarch 8, 2021

Before you download & install the appsara application on your android smartphone, just make sure your smartphone has the requirement sorted. Most of the mordern smartphone user doesn’t have to worry, but if you have a very older phone things might not work for you.


  • Android v4.0 & above.
  • Minimum of 1 Gb ram.
  • Root Access (for selected tasks).
  • The latest build of the app.


  • AppSara apk supports all the android devices which have operating system higher than Android 2.2
  • It is very lightweight, that’s why it can run in the background without any issue and it will also won’t use much of your phone’s resources. so your games will also run lag-free.
  • It hacks almost every game and apps which are available on the market right now.
  • Any kind of rooted device is not required for the app, This is the major plus for the app.
  • Downloading and installation of AppSara apk is quite easy as far as this app is concerned.
  • Easy to experience your favorite games and apps to its fullest.
  • The Design and interface of the app are really great.
  • The UI is very smooth and very user-friendly.
  • Purchasing gems, coins inside the game is now so much easy.
  • Without spending any actual money you can buy the coins, money, gems, etc.
  • You can even get the best mods for that app or game without any cost with the help of the app.
  • Bypassing the payment system so that the user gets to fully enjoy the full version of the game or app.
  • Getting resources or coins is now so much easy with the help of this app.

Install AppSara APK

Geek App Hacking Tutorial Apk Download Windows 10

The installation process of the app is really simple. still, if you have any trouble then make sure that you are following the steps given below correctly

  1. First of all, download the appsara apk from the link above.
  2. Now go to Settings >> Security >> enable “unknown sources”.
  3. Open the downloaded apk file and tap Next.
  4. Now tap Install and wait for a few seconds.

That’s it, you’ve successfully installed the app sara app into your smartphone, now let’s see how you can use it effectively.


Using the application is very simple and straightforward. You just need to enable the application and start the in-app purchasing, that’s it for the most parts. Once you have successfully installed the app you can easily use AppSara app apk, just follow the given instructions to know more

  1. After the installation process, open the app by clicking on its icon.
  2. Now click on the ENABLE button and later minimize the app.
  3. Open any game or any app in which you want to do an in-app purchase
  4. And then click on the PURCHASE button
  5. After that, you need to wait for a few moments
  6. And after that you will see payment successful, Congratulations you have done it, now you can enjoy your game to its fullest.
  7. See how easy it is to install and use the app, that’s why it is one of the best hacking apps on the market. it is also very lightweight and even works on most of the android devices.

AppSara apk has lots of features as you have seen however it also has some drawbacks. If you use an online game and get caught there is a possibility that your account banned from that game. So to avoid that it is recommended that you should use this hacking app only on the apps or games which provide you offline purchase support or on the games which do not require a constant internet connection.

As the app does not compulsory require a rooted device, make sure that you don’t give root access to this app, as it may result in security conflict and you may get tracked for using the application.

Once you have used the app it is really hard to look go for other hacking apps, there are other hacking apps in the market that will allow you to do the exact same thing which is done by the app, but all of them have some limitations. we have also given you a list of such apps which you can definitely check out. If you are wonder which games or apps compatible, check AppSara supported games list 2021.


1. CreeHack

Creehack is an app that allows you to freely do in-app purchases without spending actual money. It also bypasses the payment gateway system and lets you purchase things for free.

It also can be installed on rooted as well as non rooted devices. But the main issue with Creehack is that it does not support a large number of apps or games as much as App sara does.

Hacking Websites

2. Lucky Patcher

Hacking App Download

Lucky Patcher is also one of the best apps in the market which allows you to remove ads from an app, modify permissions of apps, backup and restoring the apps and even bypassing the premium application license verification along with the feature to bypass the in-app payment system as well.

Geek App Hacking Tutorial Apk Download

Although Lucky Patcher is known to be one of the best apps on the market for bypassing and hacking the apps and games the main issue with Lucky Patcher is that it requires a rooted device. which most of the people who are new to the Android may not be interested in

Hack In The Box

3. Freedom Apk

Freedom apk also allows the user to enjoy the full freedom of using apps and games it helps you unlock the premium features of games and apps without any cost. it uses fake credit details to bypass the google payment gateway and lets the user enjoy the premium version of the app without actually paying any money. With the help of the premium version, the user can easily buy coins and gems inside the game free of cost.

the main issue with this app that to install this app it requires root permissions, so you need to have a rooted device in order to use this app. You can also download freedom apk from here. You can also try other game hacking applications like a cheat engine for Android from the official website to hack games like Clash of Clans and others without any hiccups.

Wrapping up,

Appsara apk is one of the best app available on the market which you can use to do in-app purchases without actually spending money. You also don’t need to have a rooted device in order to install the app. you just need to download the AppSara apk file and install it.

The only drawback of AppSara plus is that you can not use this hacking app to hack the games which require the internet connection to play.

Best Hacking Apps

Thank You.

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