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While this game is so popular in both AppStore and play store developed by Dvloper with over 100million+ downloads. The game will provide a thrilling experience with some unpredictable jumpscares. The more noise you make while the search for your clues, the more difficult it gets. Story Of Granny.

Granny Legend Hack Game Download

Fans of Granny are searching for hacks that make their survival rate in the game more. Granny Mod menu is the best file, which will let you play the game fearlessly. Before getting to the file details, let us have a view of the game. Granny is a horror based game in which a terrifying old lady keeps you captive in a trap.

You have to escape from it. The house in which you are trapped in a two-level building with lots of secrets and horror places. Along with the Granny, you will have to face a bat and bear with mangled leg helps Granny to do the task. They aid Granny in putting you to the prison. Roblox MOD Apk is also one of the best apk game which is trending from 2015 till now.

In the duration of five days, you have to escape and leave the house. If Granny catches you while doing this secret task, you will lose your one life. The main twist of the game is the Granny can hear your voice and thus you are fully entrapped by it. So be careful while going out of the trap. It the scariest game ever on play store. To enjoy full horror features, put on headphones and play it in a dark room without lights, alone! But don’t let the Granny trap you with your traces or noise!

Granny Mod Menu

If we talk about the app and its features, it is a harmless app and nondestructive for your phone. You can download it directly from app store or play store. This app is available for user of iPhone, iPad, and Android. It was published for Dennis Vukonavic in 2018. The app is best for the people that love horror movies and want to go to the world of insane spiritual things.

But we will not suggest this game for kids under 13 as they can get scared while playing it.
The best thing is that there is no privacy policy of the game so you can install it freely. If we see any technical issues, you will face ads randomly on your screen. The minimum software requirement is 7.0 for iOS users and for Android users it is 4.0 version or more than this. The total size of the game is nearly 250 MBs, if you have extra space in your cell, install it and enjoy gaming. The cell phone and other apps will remain unaffected from this app. The app is sponsored by Arcade games. It was released on February 2, 2018. But last time it was updated on 18th April 2019. Some new features and advance graphics are added to the game. Also, download garena free fire mod apk because it is trending game and same game play like PUBG.

if you are fond of doing mid-night adventures sitting in a room, download the app and enjoy the tours to the house with Granny. This is good for brave and strong-hearted people. As there are scary things that can put fear on kid’s minds and hearts. Also, the ugly and scary sounds of the game will fright you while playing the game. This is not appropriate for kids under 13. More than a game, it is a nightmare.

Granny Mod Menu Download

How to download the Granny Mod Menu APK file? This is the most authentic question that comes to the mind of every user so that he can enjoy fearless hacks and defeat Granny and its bat and bear easily. We have a simple step download for the file so that you can enjoy the gaming moments. Moreover, if you’re minion cartoons lover then download and play minion rush mod apk.

Follow the steps below to download the game

  1. Check for the APK file on your browser
  2. Click on our site
  3. Go to the download button on the top right side
  4. Click that green button
  5. The file will start downloading


Granny Hack Game Download Version 1.6

Granny hack game download version 1.6

Downloading and Installing are two different steps to get the APK file working on your device. To install the file, search the downloaded file in your download folder, and click on the file. If it not works, click the right button and choose run as administrator. After that, click the next button until it pops up and click the finish button at last to install the file. You are all done, now you can enjoy the new features in the game. You May Also Check: Minecraft apk


  • Granny is the best horror game you will love to play it. It has the following features in it
  • You can unlock the features of the game
  • There will no privacy policy
  • This app doesn’t need any premises to your apps
  • Your personal data remains safe
  • Granny is unbeatable and hurts you all over
  • You can visit all the rooms in the house in which you are kept
  • There are a total of five lives in the game
  • Granny will not be able to chase you using the hacks
  • You can use a number of hacks on Granny

Mod Features

  1. Other than the up-mentioned features, what will you get after downloading the hacks and APK, that are:
  2. You can unlock all the features of the game
  3. The hidden treasures can be found with these hacks
  4. Granny will be unable to listen to your voice after using this APK file
  5. The short gun will be available with full of ammo, that is more than a normal game
  6. With the MOD menu APK file, Granny cannot attack you
  7. You will have unlimited short guns available
  8. Mod Menu will let you use the speed hack.
  9. You will be able to remove 1 clone as well
  10. Using this file, you make yourself invisible in the game
  11. You can also kill the Granny with Mod Menu features

What’s New

Granny Horror Game Hack Download

There is a treasure in the Mod Menu APK, you will lot of new opportunities in this file. Other than the above mentioned there are party eyes feature available. Moreover, you can set the Granny’s size according to your wish. It could be a giant Granny or Tiny Granny. Additionally, you will have the choice of random place teleportation. You can also make yourself invisible in front of Granny. So, download the file and love the new features in the game.

Granny Chapter 2 Hack Game Download


Simply, for the file, all you need is the internet connection and Granny game on your cell phone. Your cell must have an updated android or iOS version. And at the last, it should have good internal memory to get the APK file.


If we review the game, all over it is a good game but escaping from the Granny is difficult. And moreover, you cannot kill Granny in the whole game. This is a big disadvantage of the game without hacks.
Using the APK files and simple hacks, you can make the game easier. You can kill the Granny, you can explore the whole house and even Granny will not be able to see you or listen your voice. All these features make the APK file useful and worth downloading. Even you do not need to root your cell.


1. My hack isn’t working?

If you are facing problem in your APK file, delete the game and reinstall it with the given link. You will get the game with APK files. If it does not work, reinstall the game and restart your cell phone, finally reinstall the APK file. Hope it will work.

2. Do I need a profile to download the hack?

You do not need to log in or sign up to any account to download this file. Even if you are redirected to any irrelevant page, you can contact and submit your complaints.

3. Is my personal data secure with the hack?

Yes, all of your personal data and apps remain unaffected using this file, we do not need any premises to your personal information.

4. Is it harmful for our cell phone?

No, this file is not harmful to your cell. In case, you face any problem you can contact us directly. And most people face such problems if they do not have enough space in their cell phones or have any encrypted data inside. A quick solution to this problem is factory reset your phone. It will remove all malfunctioned apps and files.

Final words

At the end, we are concluding with unlimited fun and ultimate joy with Granny. Download the Granny Mod Menu and feel free to defeat the Granny using very little energy and enjoy all horror scenes. The game looks scary but most interesting thing about this APK is that it will not able to see you. Also, you can use some facial features from this file. So download and net more in the game. Homepage

  • Android 4.4 +
  • Version: 1.7.9
  • 98.8Mb

Granny Hack Download Game Ac Market

Granny (MOD, God Mode) - the first day you will be in the house of a dangerous granny, hide and close the doors everywhere so that she does not notice you. Also, be careful with things, if they make a noise, the grandmother will come to you right away. You will be given 5 days to survive in this dangerous house, acting cautiously.
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  • Installs 100 000 000+
  • Rated for12+ years

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