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May 11, 2008 For all your Gaming Needs. All Downloads PS3; Blu-Ray Disc Java (BDJ). This application installs all the Mii's from a SD card to your Wii. If you want to extract Mii's to your SD-card, use Mii Extractor. Download 1.0; Download 1.1; Known Bugs. Will only install one mii. Fixed in 1.1; Mii's copied from another Wii won't be editable. SD Cards over 4GB will not install Miis.

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Mii Installer
TypeSystem tool
Downloadable via the Homebrew Browser

This homebrew application makes permanent changes to the Wii's NAND, thus, this application should be used with caution.

It is recommended to have a NAND backup with either BootMii as boot2 or Priiloader with BootMii as IOS installed before proceeding with the usage of this application.

This application installs all the Mii's from a SD card to your Wii. If you want to extract Mii's to your SD-card, use Mii Extractor


Hack Mii Wii Download

  • Download 1.0
  • Download 1.1

Wii Download Pc

Known Bugs

  • Will only install one mii. Fixed in 1.1
  • Mii's copied from another Wii won't be editable.
  • SD Cards over 4GB will not install Miis.
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This is all you need to install homebrew which is the first step for playing free games on your Wii.

(You’ll need this download : http://please.hackmii.com/ )

1.SD or SDHC formatted as FAT16 or FAT32 (Preferably FAT16)
2.System Menu 4.3 (any region).
3.Your Wii’s WiFi MAC Address (available from your Wii’s system settings). This is needed because the Wii will only accept messages addressed to its specific MAC address.
4.Some possibility to copy the savegame from the PC to the SD card (card reader, printer, etc.)
Some homebrew software to load, (HackMii Installer) Although this isn’t necessary, it’s highly recommended (Will boot 'boot.elf' file on root of SD)

1.On Computer: Rename 'private' folder to 'privateold' on your SD card.
2.On Computer: Copy the 'private' directory from the LetterBomb download to the root of your SD card.
3.On Computer: Take your homebrew (Preferably Hackmii Installer) and put it in the ROOT of your SD card as 'boot.elf' Note that you can download the Hackmii Installer directly from the download link provided above.
4.Wii: Put your SD card in your Wii and turn it on.
5.Wii: Go into the Wii Messageboard and navigate to 'Today', 'Yesterday' or 'Two days ago'.
6.Wii: Click on the appropriate envelope, sit back and prepare for the hacking glory.



1. Sd card

2.USB Hard Drive

3. Nintendo Wii (Duh?)

So now that homebrew is installed, try it out. Now to get “USB Loader GX” which is an app to load games from a usb hard drive. Now go to this link to download USB Loader GX :


Now extract the files from the .rar file (winRar or 7zip is needed) and copy them to the root of your sd card. Now put the sd card back into your Wii and go to the homebrew channel. Wait for it to load and you’ll see an app. Now you need to get ISO’s of games first. So get a torrent application like “uTorrent” or “bitTorrent”. www.utorrent.com or www.bittorrent.com. Then go to www.thepiratebay.se and search the game you want (e.g. need for speed undercover wii ) Now after you’ve searched, look on the left and click this button

Hackmii Wii Download Free

This will arrange the download by seeders (the more seeders the faster the download) . Now go to the top one and on the page click “get this torrent” it will have a magnet icon next to it. Now before you click make sure you’ve downloaded the torrent downloader (utorrent or bittorrent) and switched it on. Now that will start downloading. It might take a few hours to a few days. It depends, but after its finished have a look if the file is ISO or WBFS or .rar. If its an ISO, leave it as it is. If its WBFS, then download the converter from this link WBFStoISO and install it and convert the WBFS to ISO. If it is .rar then open it using winRar or 7zip and extract the ISO from it. Once that’s done get the WBFS manager (whichever version) from this link WBFSmanager and download it. Now switch it on and insert your hard drive (make sure you don’t have any important files on there) then refresh the drive list in the WBFS manager list. Then choose the hard drive letter (be very careful that you choose the right drive) and then click format. This will format the hard drive to WBFS format.

Hackmii Wii Download Game

Tip . After that when you insert the hard drive to your computer it will prompt you to format it. Make Sure you don’t !

Now select the drive letter again and then click load. After that click browse on the bottom right and choose the downloaded ISO. Then click add to drive. It will take long but after its finished remove the hard drive and plug it into the right wii usb socket. There are two of them and it will only work if it is plugged into the one on the right when you look at it from behind. Once that’s done go on to your wii and go to the homebrew channel and go to USB Loader GX. Then wait for it to load. And there you go! Just click the game and then click the disk. It’ll start up. Sometimes some games have an error e.g. call of duty black ops loading glitch so you can look up the solution for that.

Hackmii Wii Download Pc