Hack Slash Mine Server Download 1.2 3

  1. Turn Minecraft into a hack and slash looter! 3.1.2. nerf blood mage 3.1.1 salvage fix 3.1.0 THIS UPDATE WILL BREAK SOME EXISTING ITEMS FROM OLDER SAVES.
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  3. Screenshot Minecraft Hack/Mine Version Game Version 1.2.3 Client Added: Hack Slash Mine Added: OptiFine.
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Ever wanted Minecraft to be more like an RPG?

Hack, Slash, Mine (Also known as Hack/Mine) Is modded version of Minecraft, I remember the first time some friends and I played it, it was such a buzz, if not a little hectic getting started, once we got into the flow of levelling up and raiding keeps/castles we could not put it down.


Hack/Mine lets you start as one of 4 different races – Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, or Steve – each with their own bonuses. Each with differing characteristics. You also choose from one of three combat classes: Snipe with the bow as the Ranger, cast powerful magic with the Mage, or just hit stuff to death as the Warrior. The different race and classes also endow you with specific spells and abilities.

Make sure the official Minecraft Launcher and Technic Launcher are installed. On the official launcher, create a new instance for Minecraft Version 1.2.3 and let it install. On the technic launcher, install Hack Slash Mine version 4. Go to%APPDATA% Roaming.minecraft copy the resources folder.

Fight many new enemies including the fearsome Roflconda! Run for the hills or hide in a dirt dugout. Scale the towers that dot the landscape, crawl through the dungeans beneath the ground, featuring multiple room dungeons. Claim the riches held within. Find new loot, with greater damage capabilities and special enchantments. Band together with other players: Mine for materials, build a base, go forth and pillage.

This is an awesome mod that I reckon everyone should try at least one day.

If you need to find out more about whet you’re going to be getting yourself into when you start playing Hack/Mine visit the Official Hack/Mine Wiki for help!

Hack Slash Mine Server Download 1.2 3d

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Hack Slash Mine Server Download 1.2 32

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