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Portable Keylogger. Simply download the zip file extract it and keep the files in a portable disk, after connecting to any PC just run the regedit.exe and now when the victim presses any keystrokes it will be stored in event.txt file in the portable disk. Keylogger is a simple keystroke logger for Windows, Mac and Linux. A keystroke logger or keylogger is basically a program that records keystrokes and saves them in a log file on your local computer. This keylogger is simple and bare bones, but works wonderfully and is useful for a number of things. You can use it to track key movements and make. Keylogger is 100% invisible keylogger not only for users, but also undetectable by antivirus software. Blackcat keylogger Monitors all keystokes, Mouse clicks. It has a seperate process which continues capture system screenshot and send to ftp server in given time. ajayrandhawa/Keylogger.

In a previous post, I explained 4 ways tohack Facebook account passwords, where I discussed the second best method to hack Facebook passwords by using Keyloggers. In this post, I will explore this in depth.
I’ve included screenshots in these instructions to help demonstrate how to create your Facebook hacker keylogger. It is a Fully Undetectable keylogger, you can verify this using Virus total.
Today I will disclose how I hacked 19,000 accounts; it’s so easy that anyone can do it. We will never provide you with an infected tool. If you have any doubt about this or feel something suspicious, always test the link or file with virus total website before downloading. Never believe any website (including this one!), always scan download links with virus total website before downloading it. .

Hack a Facebook password using a keylogger involves the following steps:

2. Extract the icons from any software
4. Spread your keylogger to victims

Note: This tutorial is for Educational Purposes only. Hackingloops is not responsible for any misuse of knowledge.

Let’s start this Facebook hacking tutorial in detail :

First of all, for hacking any Facebook account password, we have to create our keylogger server that will run on the victim’s machine, capturing his keystrokes and emailing us the record. The keylogger server building process consists of several steps:
Hacker Key Logger Download
1. First of all download the Keylogger and a good binder. Binders are easily available via a Google search.
2. Extract the RAR file. Now you will get one folder and three files as shown in the below snapshot:
Snapshot of Extracted Files
3. Open the Keylogger file. Here you will need a gmail ID and password. For safer use, create a fake Gmail account and use it as shown below:
Facebook Hacker Initial Step
4. Click on server settings as shown. Here, enter the time at which you want to receive reports; it’s always preferable to use a 20 minute timer for receiving files. Click on the Output box to choose the location of the file and give it a name. We recommend using a system process name to make it undetectable, like svchost, or check any process name from your task manager and name it. Other fields are optional. The complete snapshot is shown below:
Second step to choose time interval and name of output file
5. Click on Log and Result Setting. In Log Email Title enter the subject of email like “my keylogger report” or anything else that you you like. Click the last two options that add computer name and add the victim’s name. The snapshot is shown below:
Hack Facebook account password using Keylogger
6. Now click on “Other Options.” In this section you just have to do one thing. Most hackers prefer warning message POP up, but I prefer keylogger using any message – so unclick the message button. When you bind it with any other software it should not have a warning message attached, otherwise it will be detectable.
7. Finally click on Build Keylogger. You will see your keylogger file at the location that you have chosen in the 4th step. This keylogger server file will be used to bind with other software in Binding Step.
8. Now your keylogger server is ready for you to hack Facebook accounts.
Step 2: Extracting the icon file from any installer (resource hacker)
1. Open the resource hacker folder and select the reshacker file.
2. Go to its menu and open any setup file. Suppose we want to attach our keylogger to a Ccleaner setup file. Open the Ccleaner setup with resource hacker.
3. In the menu, there is one action button. Click on it and then click save all resources.
Resource Hacker to Extract the Icon files from software’s
4. Save all the resources to the desktop or any other location of your choice.
5. It consists of two files. One is icon file and other is res file. We only need the icon file, so you can delete the other one.
6. That leaves us with the icon of installer file (Ccleaner setup icon).
Step 3: Bind the Keylogger server with any software
2. Click on the button shown below to add files.
3. Add the keylogger server and the setup software (in our case it’s Ccleaner setup).
4. In the Binder menu, go to Settings. There, select the icon that we have generated in the previous step and set the location of the output file as shown in the figure.
Bind the Keylogger server to Software
5. Now again go to file’s menu in Binder and click on Bind files.
6. Now your Binded keylogger is ready. You just need to spread it or send it to the victim that is your friend.
1. Now you have one software setup file with a keylogger attached to it. (In our case, we have Ccleaner setup with keylogger attached with it)

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2. Spread your keylogger through forums. If you are a member of various forums, use them to spread your keylogger in the form of software posts.
3. Spread it through pendrives or USB hard drives. Suppose a friend asked you for a software, give them the software with the keylogger attached to it on the hard drive.
Note: you can also attach keyloggers to images, but that can be detectable by antivirus, so we recommend avoiding that route.
Hacking someone’s Facebook account takes more than a few minutes
How to protect yourself from these hacks?
Prevention is always better than a cure so, always follow these best practices:
1. Don’t use cracked softwares and don’t download them from unauthorized websites.
2. Always keep your antivirus and anti-spyware up to date.
3. Always scan the files before transferring them to your USB.
4. Do not allow other users to use your PC i.e password protect it.

Note: Hacking email accounts is illegal. The purpose of this post is to make you aware of how easy it is to hack Facebook and email accounts, so you can avoid falling into the traps of hackers.

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