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Hello friends! Today I will share several secret hack codes for Android Mobile Phones. These Android codes will help you hack android mobiles in order to explore your phone’s capabilities.

Secret hack codes are usually hidden from users to prevent misuse and exploit. Android is a very new platform so there aren’t many hack codes for Androids available. Today I will share all of the hack codes of Android cellphones that I know. I have tested these codes on my Samsung Galaxy with the Android OS version 2.2. I am sure these will work on all previous versions.

Secret Hack Codes for Android Mobile Phones:

1. Complete Information About Your Phone


This code can be used to get some interesting information about your phone and battery. It shows the following 4 menus on the screen:

  • Phone information
  • Battery information (How to maximize or boost battery life in android phones)
  • Battery history
  • Usage statistics

Learn How to Unlock 3 Hidden Modes in Android Phones:
3 Hidden Modes in Android Mobile phones

2. Factory data reset

This code can be used for a factory data reset. It’ll remove the following things:
  • Google account settings stored in your phone
  • System and application data and settings
  • Downloaded applications
  • Current system software and bundled application
  • SD card files e.g. photos, music files, etc.
Note: Once you give this code, you will get a prompt screen asking you to click on the “Reset phone” button, giving you the chance to cancel your operation.

3. Format Android Phone

Think before you input this code. This code is used for factory formatting. It will remove all files and settings, including the internal memory storage. It will also reinstall the phone firmware.
Note: Once you give this code, there is no way to cancel the operation unless you remove the battery from the phone.

4. Phone Camera Update

This code is used to get information about phone camera. It shows following 4 menus:
  • Update camera firmware in image (Don’t try this option)
  • Update camera firmware in SD card
  • Get camera firmware version
  • Get firmware update count
WARNING: NEVER use the first option. Your phone camera will stop working and you will need to take your phone to a service center to reinstall camera firmware.

5. End Call/Power

This one is my favorite. This code can be used to change the action of the “End Call/Power” button. Be default, if you hold the button down for a long time, it shows a screen asking you to select between silent mode, airplane mode, and power off.
Using this code, you can enable this button to power off without having to select an option, saving you some time.

6. File Copy for Creating Backup

This code opens a file copy screen where you can backup your media files e.g. images, sound, video and voice memo.

7. Service Mode

This code can be used to enter into service mode. In service mode, you can run various tests and change settings.

8. WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth Secret Hack Codes for Android:

*#*#232339#*#* OR *#*#526#*#* OR *#*#528#*#* – WLAN test (Use “Menu” button to start various tests)
*#*#1472365#*#* – GPS test
*#*#232331#*#* – Bluetooth test

9. Codes to get Firmware version information:

*#*#4986*2650468#*#* – PDA, Phone, H/W, RFCallDate
*#*#1111#*#* – FTA SW Version
*#*#44336#*#* – PDA, Phone, CSC, Build Time, Changelist number

10. Codes to launch various Factory Tests:

*#*#0283#*#* – Packet Loopback
*#*#0673#*#* OR *#*#0289#*#* – Melody test
*#*#0842#*#* – Device test (Vibration test and BackLight test)
*#*#2664#*#* – Touch screen test
*#*#3264#*#* – RAM version
Feel free to explore all android applications, passwords, android screen locks, etc. with our Android forensics tutorial series:
I hope you all have enjoyed these secret hack codes for android mobile phones. If you have any issues ask me in the comments.
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