Mario Kart 64 Rom Hack Download

NOTE: This hack requires the Expansion Pak/8 MB Memory turned on to run
Patch Download Link:
​-8 custom characters with fully replaced custom voices
-Custom title screens and menus
-Courses that have been re-textured to fit within the Dragon Ball universe

​Things to be added in future versions:
​-Custom music - I already have some .m64 files made. The problem is I can't apply them to my hack without the game crashing at the character select screen. They only work if I don't have custom karts files in there too.
​-Additional course texture changes
-(Optional) Fixing the sound bank so that the hack can run without the Expansion Pak and so that I can get a Wii/Dolphin Virtual Console Port made .

Mario Kart 64 Amped Up


Battle Kart 64


Mario Kart 64 Mods

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