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Micro Hacking Download File Hippo Online


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Even though Macs have a reputation for security, the number of malware attacks on Macs surpassed those on Windows machines for the first time in 2020, according to an article in Vox. So there goes the idea that if you have a Mac, you don’t have to worry about installing software to protect it. The fact is, hackers have gotten more devious in sidestepping the inbuilt protections in all our computers, so having an extra level of security – for Macs and PCs – is just plain smart.

AntiVirus for Mac from trusted software developer TrendMicro delivers this protection and much, much more. Get TrendMicro AntiVirus for Mac here.

Disclosure: Our team is always looking for things we think our readers will value. We have received compensation for publishing this article.

Don’t be held hostage

As with all antivirus software products out there, TrendMicro’s product will alert you when it finds malware on your Mac or when you attempt to download a potentially troublesome file. But Antivirus for Mac takes things a step further with enhanced ransomware protection. Called Folder Shield, this component of the program allows you to mark folders you want monitored so that if a hacker were to try to encrypt them and charge you money to un-encrypt them, he would be blocked and you would be notified.


Cruise the web with confidence

Antivirus for Mac also automatically plugs into your browsers when it is installed so that it can keep an eye out for suspicious websites and other online threats, which it identifies with an icon in search results. You are able to set your Web Threat Protection Level to low, medium or high, and you can also activate a website filter to block sites based on their themes/functions such as those that feature nudity, hate or racism, gambling, shopping, offer online chats, or provide streaming media. There are 31 filters in all, along with the ability to whitelist any site you’d like – a feature that comes in very handy if you have children surfing the internet.

Social distance

One of the standout features of Antivirus for Mac is the ability to have it examine your social media settings on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for potential privacy concerns (although we couldn’t get this feature to work on Facebook in our tests). The scan will tell you what information you’re sharing with the public and recommend settings to help lock down your private information – including the information that’s shared with advertisers outside the social networks.

Filehippo Software Download


Eye spy

Still another noteworthy feature of Antivirus for Mac is that you are able to set it to alert you whenever an application is trying to access your webcam or microphone to prevent unwanted spying. The setting is simple to activate during the installation process.

And speaking of simplicity, TrendMicro has made this program extremely easy to navigate. The main screen offers the various protection possibilities down the left and when you choose one, the window to the right is populated with the settings you can control. Things work with simple checkboxes and slidable switches, plus an icon in your Mac’s toolbar lets you quickly access key features including scans and updates.

Value time

TrendMicro’s antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-ransomware protections would be enough to make Antivirus for Mac a bargain on its own. Throw in all the features we’ve detailed, and it becomes clear that it’s hard to beat the value you get for your money. Right now the software is available for 25% off the normal rate of $39.95, so you’ll pay only $29.95 for a full year of protection.