Oblivion Starcraft Hack 1.16.1 Download

Hacks are software that operate illegal operations in Brood War's process. Technically, hacks are neutral and don't necessarily describe a negative manipulation. Examples of 'good' hacks are Observer Mode, Antihack, APMAlert, and W-Mode.

In most cases using a No-CD or Fixed EXE will solve this problem! Some Game Trainers are sometimes reported to be a Virus or Trojan, the most common is a keylogger called HotKeysHook or the file has been packed/protected with VMProtect or Themida and is recognized as Win32/Packed.VMProtect or Win32/Packed.Themida. So after long weeks of work I finally completed a version of the Oblivion Hack that is compatible to StarCraft 1.16.1. This hack, as always, brings many features to your online experience. Including many of the old features we already know, as well as new ones I implemented. Map Hack: allows you to view the entire map you're playing on (no fog). StarCraft Broodwar Battlenet ModHack Oblivion. Download StarCraft Broodwar Battlenet Mod/Hack - Oblivion v4.0.6c torrent or any. Oblivion v4 0 6c Torrent or choose. We couldn't find anything for 'starcraft broodwar battlenet modhack oblivion v4. In order to download torrent. Oblivion For Starcraft/Brood War 1.15.2. Download torrent Install.

The more common usage of the term refers to hacks that give an unfair advantage for the user. The usage of these hacks are strictly prohibited in all tournaments, leagues, and events.

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Map Hack[edit]

Map Hack enables the user to see the entire map without the fog of war. It is the most severe form of hack because information is one of the most critical component to winning a game. In most cases, hackers are only caught when they do obvious mistakes such as countering almost every strategic move/build. In the past a number of countermeasures or at least hints in replays have been discovered which led to hack authors implementing a number of features to reduce or eliminate detection. Nowadays, map hack is undetectable and extremely difficult to prove.

Multi Command[edit]

Multi-Command allows the user to select and order more than twelve units or more than one building at a time.

Auto Gather[edit]

Auto-Mine sends the starting and newly built workers to mine the nearest minerals.

Minor Hacks[edit]

Other hacks have obvious features that a player recognizes while playing.

  • Examples:
    • Mineral Hack: The user receives resources by performing certain actions that exploit a bug in the game engine.
    • Nuke Anywhere: The user can select a Nuclear Missile in the air and order it to land anywhere on the map.[citation needed]
    • Disconnect Hack (DC Hack): The user can disconnect any player in the game, often used to win the game.

Other Cheats[edit]

Rigged Maps[edit]

Rigged maps are modified maps that give a player in a certain position an advantage such as stacked minerals or modifications to his/her base's terrain. If the map is hosted using the Use Map Settings Game Type, the player can be given an advantage by using triggers. This form of cheating is not obvious until the modifications of the map are revealed and the only way to prevent this is by ensuring that you all the common maps downloaded and leaving any game that causes you to download a new map.


Many bugs have been abused in the past and some of them are forbidden in most leagues and tournaments. The most common bugs are SCV Stack, Observer over Turret, and minor things like Plague on Interceptors.


Multi Command[edit]

Multi Command is easy to spot in a replay file. The APM of the hack user usually spikes from his average APM and sky rockets to 500-1000 APM. Note that there is a good chance that there will be a false-positive from hack detectors because of lag which causes all of the commands to queue up until the lag is over, causing all of the commands to execute on the same frame.

Bugs, Discs & Minor Hacks[edit]

The minor hacks are easy to spot as they are recorded in the replay. Unlike Multi Command/Selection they are obvious while watching the replays.Disconnect hacks can be spotted in ladders like ICCup if the match list of a player features a lot of disconnects whenever he loses.

Map Hack[edit]

Most times only a thorough analysis of replays has to be used to catch a map hacker red handed. The outdated methods are listed below, those are usually ineffective and only work whenever the hack user is unexperienced or does not care to get caught.

Mutual Vision[edit]

Before Patch 1.08 no replays were available and thus map hacks were a very strong tool. In that time players sometimes gave their opponent vision. If that player did not react or did not wonder why he suddenly saw the whole map he usually had the map hack activated.

Anti Hacks[edit]

Over time a lot of Anti Hacks or Hack Detectors have been published. When both players had those running the tool, it usually checked if an external application has tried to interfere with Brood War's process. Whenever they spotted such a manipulation the Anti Hacks gave out a warning. Many Anti Hacks were outdated or have been countered by bypass scripts of the hacks. Nowadays wDetector and iCCup's Anti Hack provide solid protection.


Autogather usually comes along in a package that features map hack and other options. Whenever the game starts the first workers are split perfectly on the minerals. In 2006 many leagues, such as BWCL, discovered that feature. Ten actions are needed to split your workers (Select worker * 4 + Send to mineral block *4 + Select Main Building + Build Worker). The tool made this ten actions in 1,5 time stamps (~1 second), which is impossible to perform for a human. Additionally a 'gather' command is given and not a 'move' command. Whenever a replay featured these ten highly unusual actions a player was found guilty of map hack.[1]

Suspicious Actions[edit]

  • Method I: Shortly after replays were introduced to Brood War the replay analytic tools like BWChart were released. Those read out the replay log, which contains every click of a player. If a player selected a building/units/neutral element (critters/ressources) BWChart gave out a warning. Soon those actions were suppressed by the map hacks.
  • Method II: In late --- some unknown counter-hacker thought more about Method I; there are selections that are in theory not illegal: whenever a unit is selected and disappears in the fog of war, a suspicious action is written down in BWChart. Map hacks however suppress these clicks and therefore no warning are given out. This means whenever a player with decent skill does never generate suspicious actions in all his games, he is very likely to hack.[2]

Bypass Tool[edit]

In late 2008 WGTour, GG.net and TL.net discovered a protocol running with the most popular hack package that enabled the hack to run hidden in the background on ICCup's server The Abyss. A minor update in the Anti Hack was published that recorded the hack users activity and user names for a week. After that the list was published.[3]

Usually hackers are caught one by one; however with the introduction of Autogather, Suppressed-Suspicious actions and the By-Pass-List three major busts lead to a lot of scandal and flames.


Oblivion Starcraft Hack 1.16.1 Download
  1. Thread: Source on GG.net
  2. Thread: Fade Into Oblivion
  3. ICCup News

About This File

Released: May 2nd, 2010


- In-Game

F5 Toggle lag defender on/off. (Removes lag box screen)

F6 Toggle auto command repeat. (/fr command for faster repeat)

F7 Carry out last build command on selected worker. (Useful for UMS)

F8 Add/Remove unit for auto queue/upgrade.

Ctrl + F8 Remove all units for auto queue/upgrade.

F9 Toggle global auto queue on/off.

Ctrl + F9 Toggle global auto upgrade on/off.

Ctrl + F10 Toggle subunit auto queue on/off. (Carriers & Reavers)

F12 Toggle five-state stat hack forwards.

Ctrl + F12 Toggle five-state stat hack backwards.

~ / Alt Select all units of the same type that are currently selected. (Excludes workers)

Ctrl + ~ / Alt Same as above but is used for workers and loaded transports/overlords.

Delete Toggle in-game message log.

Ctrl + Delete Change page for message log.

Pause Pause/Resume game.

Insert Toggle three-state maphack forwards.

Ctrl + Insert Toggle three-state maphack backwards.

Ctrl + LMC (Left Mouse Click on 'Idle' text) Select idle worker.

Shift Hold key when building to keep cursor set and ready to go again.


- In-Game

/kill Kill selected workers.

/load Load selected units into transports/overlords.

/m Display how much workers each player has mining minerals.

/s Display the stack count of current selected. (How many stacked minerals, I wonder?)

- In-Game + Lobby

/mh [num] Set maphack state. (1=off, 2=lite, 3=full)

/tclicks Toggle maphack target clicks on/off. (Default off)

/reveal Toggle reveal invisible on/off. (Default on)

/sh Toggle selection hack on/off.

/fr Toggle faster repeat on/off.

/apm Toggle show APM counter on/off.

/automine Toggle worker auto mine on/off.

/autogas Toggle auto mine gas on/off.

/nukealert Toggle nuclear missile alert on/off.

/autounally Toggle auto unally on/off. (Default off)

/list Show a list of players. (Player id - Race Slot id - IP)

- Lobby

/swap [id] [id] Swap one player with another. (Must be game host)

- Channel

/ff Toggle friend follow on/off.

/ff [name] Enable friend follow and follow target player.

/profile [name] View a players profile.

Oblivion Starcraft Hack

/spoof [name] Spoof a custom name. (Supports color)

/spoof [num] Spoof a saved name from list. (1 to 5)

/sn [num] Save spoof name to list. (1 to 5)

/dn [num] Delete spoof name from list. (1 to 5)

/ln List saved spoof names.

/rn Restore current spoof name to original name.

/cn Display current spoof name.

/ar Toggle auto respoof on/off. (Default on)

- Global

/wb Whisper back to last whispered person.

Other features

  • Host identifier for lobby. (Host has red download status)
  • Auto refresher for hosted game. (Game is refreshed every 6 seconds)
  • Slot unlocker for lobby. (Remove computer player(s). and go them yourself)
  • Start a game without any opponents.
  • Stay in game even after being defeated.
  • Show map download status at all times.
  • Save screenshots as bitmap's rather than PCX.
  • In-game system and elapsed timers.
  • Selection hack with mass select hotkey. (Select upto 252 units)
  • Maphack with safe clicks and state hack.
  • Name spoofer with temp ip ban protection.
  • Ally alert with auto unally/unvision.
  • Nuclear missile alert with map ping on nuke attempt. (Not launch)
  • Rally point changer hack detection. (Alerts once)
  • Ping ghost on 'Nuclear launch detected'.
  • In-game message log that holds upto 32 messages.
  • Chat logger for channel, lobby and in-game.
  • Automatically re-queue units. (Auto queue)
  • Automatically re-queue upgrades. (Auto upgrade)
  • Automatically create a worker on map begin.
  • Automatically mine minerals on map begin and on unit create.
  • Automatically mine gas on refinery completion.
  • Automatically gain lobby ops. (Host hack)
  • Alliance menu player names are in ally status color.
  • Color player name notifications. (Pause/Leave/Latency change)
  • Lag screen box timer always set to 1 second. (Safe quick drop)
  • On-screen map max counter. (Shows at 400 and under)
  • On-screen worker idle detection.
  • On-screen APM counter.
  • Show enemy minimap pings.
  • Minimap pings are in player color. (Yellow is unknown/default)
  • Build anywhere on most terrain with lights off.
  • Remove warning messages. (Unit unplaceable)
  • Auto join home channel on battle.net login.
  • Sprite crash protection. (Protects against invalid sprites)
  • Subunit crash protection.
  • Anti-hacker map fix. (Protection against EUD triggers)
  • Alert and protection against astat flooding exploit.
  • Protection against gamelist crash hack.
  • Protection against lobby crash hack and alert.
  • Auto-hide leaderboard when stats hack is on.
  • Bypass anti-hack protection when connecting to battle.net.

Name Spoofer Codes

B Blue.

G Green.

L Light Green.

Starcraft Hack Download

D Dark Grey. (Later text cannot be changed)

W White.

R Red.

I Invisible/Black.

T Tab.

N New line.

C Center justify.

V Right justify.

Version 4.0.6f

- Fixed and improved lobby crash hack protection.

Version 4.0.6e

- Added protection against lobby crash hack and alert.

Version 4.0.6d

- Added protection against gamelist crash hack.

Version 4.0.6c

- Fixed Shift key feature for when building with Terran.

Version 4.0.6b

- Fixed a bug with APM counter.

Version 4.0.6

- Added Shift key feature for when building.

- Added on-screen APM counter.

- Added all players APM counter to stat hack.

- Added stack counter command. ( /s )

- Improved anti-hacker map fix. (Protection against EUD triggers)

- Fixed load command to work with zerg overlord hero.


707 - Helping convert and test.

Palomino - Various source code.

PizzaPan - From Game-Deception for PEB module hiding.

Protection Against astat Flooding Exploit

When a player joins a game their stats are automatically displayed for you with a /astat server command, so the exploit works by a player forcing you to do many /astat server commands on them within 1 second, causing you to get a temp IP ban from battle.net. My protection will fix this, still allow stats of players to show and alert you if the exploit was used.

Starcraft 1.16 Patch

What's New in Version See changelog

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