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The beta version of Player Unknown Battleground is widely familiar as the PUBG Mobile Beta version. A PUBG player gets a sneak peek at the game’s latest features before anyone else and it is the main difference with the official PUBG Mobile version. That’s why the beta version of PUBG Mobile means a previous version of the PUBG Mobile that is developed only for tasting the in-game features. Here is some important information about the PUBG Mobile India Beta version download.

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PUBG Mobile India Beta Version

We all know that PUBG Mobile had banded in India in September 2020 due to privacy concerns and it was really a piece of big heartbroken news for all the PUBG Mobile lovers and PUBG Mobile gamers. From that time, all the PUBG Mobile gamers and all the PUBG fans are eagerly waiting for either the game to re-enter the country or for an alternative to PUBG Mobile India. The most surprising news for that PUBG fans in India that PUBG Mobile is all set to re-enter the country as Battlegrounds Mobile India, as per the reports.

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PUBG Mobile beta version is actually a fantastic adaptation of the original or official PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. So many new features are added in this beta version and Tencent initially trying to taste these new features in this beta version 1.4. If these new features work accurately, then those features will be added to the official PUBG Mobile in the next update.


Download PUBG Mobile Beta Version 1.4


Now come to the point to download the PUBG Mobile Beta version 1.4. It is not a big deal to download Beta version 1.4 of PUBG Mobile. Here you simply have to go to any browser of your device and have to search for PUBG Mobile Beta Version download. You can see so many websites from which you can easily download the apk and obb file of the PUBG Mobile Beta Version 1.4. After that, just wait for installing the apk. Go to the download list and simply install the app and enjoy the beta version 1.4.

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Here I recommend a website from which you can easily download this PUBG Mobile Beta version 1.4. So click on the following link for downloading PUBG Mobile Beta version 1.4.

Some Features of PUBG Mobile Beta Version

PUBG Mobile Beta version is included with so many updated features and that’s why it is the Beta version. First of all, at the starting of the game, you can see a 100-person Battle Royale against other online players as usual. It is not a new feature at all. Here all the players are closed-in a map where only one player can be left standing at the end.

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The changes of the PUBG Mobile beta version are a PUBG player can find various additional modes, including a 4-on-4 ‘team deathmatch,’ a mode where you fight against hordes of zombies, and a mode that’s all about driving different vehicles. The most important information about this beta version is these new modes are only available in the Beta version only.

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Another option for the PUBG Mobile Beta version 1.4 is any PUBG player will able to customize the level of graphic detail using the settings menu. So that a PUBG Mobile beta version player can adjust your experience to best fit your smartphone’s capabilities and customize the controls for when you’re driving or hiking around on foot.

Beta version 1.4 is also bringing several unique patches to the official PUBG Mobile for gamers. this beta version 1.4 is going to bring new modes, a new arena map, vehicles, and combat improvements. The most unique update of PUBG Mobile Beta version 1.4 is the ferocious monsters- King Kong, Godzilla, and Mechagodzilla that find heavy inspiration in the movie Godzilla vs. Kong.

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These were all about the PUBG Mobile Beta version 1.4. I had made this article by following a trusted source though to error is human. so that there may be any wrong information in this article. Don’t forget to inform the right information by adding your comment in the following comment box and stay tuned with our site.