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We offer two versions for use, professional and free version, The free version is a limited version, while the professional version is faster, contains many more features and is updated regularly. If you wish to use Fern Pro, Please click purchase to get a licence. Jul 08, 2010 Download Free WiFi Password Hacker from our software library for free. The program lies within Internet & Network Tools, more precisely Browsers. Free WiFi Password Hacker is developed for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 environment, 32-bit version. The most popular version among the software users is 5.1. This free software is a product of. The list of best WiFi hacker apps for desktops and Android devices features tools that are either free to be downloaded or have open source licenses. These are capable of cracking Wi-Fi network passwords but the time of cracking may vary as per the complexity and length of the password.

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With the development of the Internet, more and more people desire to connect various Wi-Fi for the free and fast network to search information, watch videos, listen to music, etc. Once you master the methods of hacking Wi-Fi password on Android, you can easily unlock all kinds of Wi-Fi and enjoy the Internet for free. The article introduces the top 10 Wi-Fi hacker password breaker apps for Android and teaches you how to operate it with ease.

Part 1. Top 10 WiFi Hacker Password Breaker Apps for Android

Wifi Password Hacker Prank

Wifi Password Hacker Prank is Wi-Fi hacker app that cannot really break any wifi password but just pretend to crack the password of all the wifi nearby and enter the network. Users can operate this software to have a joke with your friends or families.

Main features:

  • 1. This app can produce Wifi password that can joke your friends.
  • 2. Show all the nearby available wifi.
  • 3. Give an impression that you can connect all wireless networks.

Wifi Map - Free Passwords

Wifi Map - Free Passwords is one of the most popular WiFi passwords breakers in the world. The app owns about 100 million WiFi hotspots and you can connect your android device with all the networks by this program.

Main features:

  • 1. Have all kinds of wifi spots from around the world.
  • 2. Provides map navigation.
  • 3. Looks like real time customer support.v
  • 4. Update old passwords frequently.
  • 5. Users can share WiFi hotspots with Twitter, Facebook, Viber friends.

WiFi Master Key

There are so many free Wi-Fi hotspots used and shared by people, you can connect to free Wifi through the WiFi Master Key. You can enjoy the nearby Wi-Fi with the Wi-Fi password breaker app for free.

Main features:

  • 1. You can save much date net costs by use this app to connect your android device with free WiFi network.
  • 2. Users can detect for the blue key, connect and break WiFi with ease.
  • 3. Cover the sharer's WiFi password and absolutely protect sharer's information.
  • 4. Support 199 languages from 223 countries and regions.

Wifi Password Hacker Prank

WiFi Password Hacker Prank is a WiFi hacker password breaker app for Android. You can use the app to pretend break any WiFi hotspots. It's not a real wifi hacker but a useful tool for recovering WiFi password and san WiFi rooter.

Main features:

  • 1. This app can simulate to crack any WiFi network; the hack-process is so real that it show the WiFi password.
  • 2. Through the software you are able to know the entire wifi passwords that display on your android phone and you will remember the password of your network.
  • 3. With the program you can detect and control the phones that link to your router.


What should you do if you want to know whether your Access Point is vulnerable at the WPS protocol or not? Then, Wifi Wps Wpa Tester as a WiFi hacker password breaker app for Android is what you need.

Main features:

  • 1. You can check the connection to AP with WPS PIN.
  • 2. This software support the devices with Android version <5.0.
  • 3. You can test the PIN by the program and you can link but you cannot see the password.
  • 4. Users need to correctly operate the app to do legal things.

AndroDumpper (WPS Connect)

AndroDumpper (WPS Connect) is a WiFi hacker password breaker app for Android that can connect to WPS enabled WiFi Routers. This app just produced for Testing and Educational aim; users can't operate for other usages.

Main features:

  • 1. You do not have to root the application.
  • 2. The software needs WiFi Network Scanning by Android.
  • 3. There are 2 solutions to link: Root Method and No Root Method.
  • 4. For different Android version, it have different cliam.

WiFi You

People who own android devices can use the WiFi hacker password breaker WiFi You to connect the network for free and share the WiFi password safely and easily. You won't miss any WiFi hotspots around you.

Main features:

  • 1. Have very wide coverage range; you even can connect the WiFi in Africa.
  • 2. Share the WiFi network without password that is protected as privacy for sharer.
  • 3. You can lock and unlock the WiFi at any time.
  • 4. Automatically connect WiFi network when it detect the hotsport.
  • 5. You can share WiFi You app with Facebook friend.

WiFiAnalyzer (open-source)

You can improve your WiFi network by the WiFi hacker password breaker app WiFiAnalyzer (open-source). It can test their signal power and confirm crowded channel and it very safe for users to operate.

Main features:

  • 1. WiFiAnalyzer is under active development by volunteers.
  • 2. This app is free for installing, has no any ads and never explores personal information.
  • 3. The program is not a WiFi password breaking or cracking tool.

Wifi Password Show

As a WiFi hacker password breaker app on android, WiFi Password Show is used by over 2million people. If you need to connect your android device to WiFi network or share it with your friends, WiFi Password Show is the best selection for you. PS: It require rooted Android phone.

Real Wifi Hacker Download

Main features:

  • 1. Display SSID and WiFi password.
  • 2. Share WiFi password with others through SMS or Email.
  • 3. You can copy and paste the password everwhere.
  • 4. Share WiFi password in Fullsreen mode.

WPS Connect

WPS Connect as a WiFi hacker password breaker app on android, it can help check if your router is vulnerable or not and act accordingly. You also can link to WiFi network that have WPS protocol enabled with this application.

Main features:

Real wifi hacker download
  • 1. WPS Connect only supports the version 4.1.2 of android.
  • 2. The Wi-Fi hacker is aim at educational purpose, which can be used in law.
  • 3. WPS Connect is focused on verifying if your router is vulnerable to a default PIN.

Part 2. How to hack Wifi password on Android

Just image there are different kinds of WiFi network, what should you do if you want to hack Wi-Fi password on Android device? The content will show you the steps of how to hack WiFI password on Android with WiFi WPS WPA tester.

Step 1Download and install Wi-Fi hacker

Download and install WiFi WPS WPA tester on your android device and launch the program.

Step 2Detect Wi-Fi from nearby

Then, click on the icon of button. If the button of the app displays green, it means you have link the WiFi successfully. If the icon show red that means the WiFi is protected, which you cannot access.

Step 3Hack Wi-Fi password on Android

Next, the program will finds password at time. Last, you can enjoy the free WiFi network on your android device.

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Real Wifi Password Hacker Download

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