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Hello guys! Before getting to the Dragons Rise Of Berk, we would like to talk a little bit about the game for those that are not much familiar with it. The developers, are commonly known for their few ultra popular games but from what we are able to see, Dragons Rise Of Berk will most likely beat everything up!

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As in most of the games, there are currencies in the game that you need to can keep things running. In this case – Runes!

Upgrading, purchasing premium and buying Fish are some of the stuff you can do with the Runes. But there is one problem… It is pretty hard to get Runes by normally playing. That is why you should either pay from in-game (to support them) or you have to use virus-free and ban free hack (exploit). Or use cheats to generate some of the Runes and Fish.

This is the PC Version which can be Downloaded from Windows 7 and Higher Computers. Free Download RUSH Rise up special heroes v 1.0.104 Hack MOD APK (high damage / Immortal) For android mobiles, Samsung HTC Nexus LG Sony Nokia Tablets and More.

Rise Up Hack Download Free

Finding a working Dragons Rise Of Berk is not quite easy as there are tons of fake ones around the web. It is essential for you to check what we have to offer before going elsewhere.

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Most of players might be curious to know about the actual working tactics of this Dragons Rise Of Berk Hack tool. This software program actually decodes the game encrypted programming code and then generates the large amount of Runes or Fish as per your demand. You must have searched online about it and there is no doubt to say that currently millions of developers have uploaded their hack tools online.

Most of these are paid and others demand download so definitely they are not good for a real gamer. When you are able to get free Runes and Fish etc even without downloading any heavy file on your system so it is definitely good option. And the best part is that this online, free Runes generator tool works perfectly on android as well as iOS platform.


It is a universal tool so you need not to worry about your access. Many intelligent programmers have worked hard to develop this hack tool by using php, python and ruby like languages. They first developed a highly sophisticated code and then worked hard to update it day by day with wide set of features. The hack tools also always stays updated . Let me tell you’re the secret: you will definitely be able to cheat with high safety and with 99.9% guarantee.

Dragons Rise Of Berk and cheats features


The Dragons Rise Of Berk on our website is the most recent one. Here you have the listed features:

  • Free Fish: Generate as much Fish as you need
  • Free Runes: Limited but huge amount to generate available
  • No charge: It is free to use without any hidden costs
  • No download: The hack for Dragons Rise Of Berk is online and you don’t need to download anything.
  • Safe and secured: Because it is online and self-explanatory, no viruses or problems can appear.
  • Instant results: Due to the algorithm, the outcome will be seen in matter of seconds


If you think that you will be able to generate unlimited amount of free Runes and Fish – you are lying to yourself. Like first, if you want to achieve something like that, then you have to do it no more than one time. Why? Bringing attention to your account will probably lead to stop the method from working. To an addition, no android gamer will be ever able to use this tool again. So because of that, most of the Dragons Rise Of Berks have limited usages per one account.

We hope that we cleared some things for you so you can better understand the game.
Thanks for reading, and have fun using the Dragons Rise Of Berk tool!


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Try it before you buy it. We’re so confident that you’ll love our bot that we let you try it out free!

  • Available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
  • Verified Security Safe by Norton
  • No Credit Card Needed to Download
  • 24/7 Support via Live Chat
  • Easy Download with No Surveys


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Unlimited Accounts

One License Key Works for Unlimited Accounts

Rise Up Hack Apk Download

Whether you want to run one account, or hundreds of accounts, the price is the same. We don’t charge extra for accounts nor do we limit the number you can use. We have players using the bot for over 300 game accounts! The more you have, the more resources you will earn. It’s truly unlimited.

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24/7 Live Support

We have an entire support staff ready to help with any issues!
  • The bot is well made and does its job. The devs are active and update frequently. Very pleased.

  • There is a bit of a learning curve as with any new software but the live support is quite helpful.

  • I chose this version because I am decent with computers. They have other versions that are easier.

  • The price is fair with the yearly option at around $17 per month. Thats average in my experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a 100% real and working bot. Don't take our word for it though! Download the free trial and test it out yourself before buying.
There is no limit on the number of accounts you can use. You can continue to add more and more until eventually your computer will run out of storage space. We have users running over 300 accounts successfully.
The download comes in a .zip file that you can download and extract onto your PC. Your computer must be Windows 7, 8, 8,1 or 10 and have enough system resources to power the bot. If you have a MAC Computer, you will need the Mobile Version.

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You can use the bot for free for 2.5 hours per day on the trial. After downloading, click “Activate Free Trial” in the bot. If your free trial seems to have expired early or wont work at all – turn off your windows defender, firewall or anti virus that’s blocking the connection.
Each license key is bound to 1 PC. You will need to click the “Unbind” button in the software if you wish to switch the license key to a different computer. You cannot bind a single license key to multiple computers at the same time.

Rise Up Hack Download

The time starts ticking when you activate the license key / trial in the software. You can save them for as long as you like as they won’t expire and you wont lose any time. Once the time starts, it runs until it expires. You cannot pause license keys or trials.
We have a live chat with thousands of members and a full stay ready to help you get the bot working correctly. If you can’t get it working on your own PC, we have options to upgrade to a server where it’s all set up and ready to go!

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License keys are emailed to you on checkout and can always be viewed under My Account > Orders. You do not need or receive a license key for the free trial. It will simply run on its own for 2.5 hours per day until the time expires.