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BSQL Hacker is an automated SQL Injection Tool designed to exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities in virtually any database.

SQL Injection Hack Tool for Hacking Websites and Database. Safe3SI is a powerful and easy-to-use penetration testing tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws and taking over database servers. It comes with a kick-ass detection engine, many niche features for the ultimate penetration tester, and a broad.

Sql Injection Hacking software, free download

It aims for experienced users as well as beginners who want to automate SQL Injections (especially Blind SQL Injections).

What Can BSQL Hacker Do?

It ships with Automated Attack modules which allows the dumping of whole databases for the following DBMS:

  • MS-SQL Server
  • MySQL (experimental)

Attack Templates for:

  • MS Access
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MS-SQL Server

Also, you can write your own attack template for any other database as well (see the manual for details). New attack templates and exploits for a specific web application can be shared via Exploit Repository.

BSQL Hacker Blind SQL Injection Tool Features

  • Easy Mode
    • SQL Injection Wizard
    • Automated Attack Support (database dump)
      • ORACLE
      • MSSQL
      • MySQL (experimental)
  • General
    • Fast and Multithreaded
    • 4 Different SQL Injection Support
      • Blind SQL Injection
      • Time Based Blind SQL Injection
      • Deep Blind (based on advanced time delays) SQL Injection
      • Error Based SQL Injection
    • Can automate most of the new SQL Injection methods those relies on Blind SQL Injection
    • RegEx Signature support
    • Console and GUI Support
    • Load / Save Support
    • Token / Nonce / ViewState etc. Support
    • Session Sharing Support
    • Advanced Configuration Support
    • Automated Attack mode, Automatically extract all database schema and data mode
  • Update / Exploit Repository Features
    • Metasploit alike but exploit repository support
    • Allows to save and share SQL Injection exploits
    • Supports auto-update
    • Custom GUI support for exploits (cookie input, URL input etc.)
  • GUI Features
    • Load and Save
    • Template and Attack File Support (Users can save sessions and share them. Some sections like username, password or cookie in the templates can be show to the user in a GUI)
    • Visually view true and false responses as well as full HTML response, including time and stats

Sql Injection Hacking software, free download For Pc

  • Connection Related
    • Proxy Support (Authenticated Proxy Support)
    • NTLM, Basic Auth Support, use default credentials of current user/application
    • SSL (also invalid certificates) Support
    • Custom Header Support
  • Injection Points (only one of them or combination)
    • Query String
    • Post
    • HTTP Headers
    • Cookies
  • Other
    • Post Injection data can be stored in a separated file
    • XML Output (not stable)
    • CSRF protection support

Sql Injection Hacking Software free. download full Version

It allows metasploit alike exploit repository to share and update exploits and attack templates.

For automated SQL Injection you can also try:

– Havij Download – Advanced Automated SQL Injection Tool
– The Mole – Automatic SQL Injection SQLi Exploitation Tool
– jSQL – Automatic SQL Injection Tool In Java
– sqlmap Download – Automatic Blind SQL Injection Tool

Hacking Software

You can download BSQL Hacker here:

BSQLHackerSetup-0907.exeno longer available

Or read more here.

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