Street Hacker Version 1.1.8 Patch Download Free

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Our download server at hasexcerpts and derived data from the OpenStreetMap datasetavailable for free download. Most of these files are updated every day – any change you upload toOpenStreetMap should be on our download server the next day.

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Geographic Regions

Data on the download server is organised by region. The root directory contains files that havea whole continent's data in them, and for all continents except Antartica there are subdirectories in which you find individual files for variouscountries. Some countries again have their own subdirectories with data for administrative subdivisions. For Germany, all 'Bundesländer' are available as separate files, and forEngland we have all individual counties. For France, we have all (historic) Departements. The file for Germany's Baden-Württemberg regionis, for example, at

Please let us know if you are interested in other regional excerpts that we do not offer right now – we might be able to add them with little effort.

Raw data (OSM source data)

Street Hacker Version 1.1.8 Patch Download Free Version

Files with the .osm.pbf suffix are OpenStreetMap raw data files in the PBF format. They are the common format for OpenStreetMap raw data and need few memory for storage. Daily diff updates (.osc.gz, Gzip compressed OSM XML) are available on our download server as well. They contain the changes of one day. The PBF files can be updated with them.Files ending in '.osm.bz2' are bzip2 comressed OpenStreetMap raw data files.The XML based data format is described in the OSM Protocol Version 0.6article on the OpenStreetMap wiki. The XML DTD is available in the OSM Protocol Version 0.6/DTDarticle.

Our download server offers raw data as Bzip2 compressed OSM XML (file name suffix .osm.bz2) as well. They need more storage space, their processing is not as efficient due to the usage of the XML format. They are offered for backward compatibility with older software. We recommend to switch to the PBF format.

You need special software to process OSM raw data. It is usually command line and server software for Linux. Common tools to process OpenStreetMap raw data are:

  • Import into PostGIS databases: Osm2pgsql
  • Map rendering for print: Nik4, Maperitive
  • Tile servers: Tirex with mod_tile and Mapnik
  • Routing: OSRM, GraphHopper
  • Geocoding: Nominatim, Photon
  • General purpose libraries for processing: Osmium, Pyosmium, OSM4J

Tutorials for common use cases can be found at Plese get in touch with us if you need consulting or commercial support.

Shape Files

Files ending in are shape files that you can process with almost anyGIS software. In converting OSM data to shape files, we have made a defaultselection of layers containing most important layers (road and railway network, forests, water areas, many points of interest). We offer more comprehensive shape files and shape filesof other regions than provided on the download server are available as a paid service.

Raw data with personal metadata and full history

OpenStreetMap raw data usually comes with metadata. Some metadata fields are obviously related to persons (user name, user ID, changeset ID). The raw data files (.osm.pbf, .osc.gz, .osm.bz2) on our public download server ( do not contain these fields. Our free shape files do not contain any metadata at all.

Because the metadata fields are needed by OpenStreetMap contributors for analysis (e.g. fighting vandalism) only, we offer raw data files with all metadatafields and regional excerpts with full history on a separate download server protected by password at This free service can be used by OpenStreetMap contributors only.


All OpenStreetMap derived data on the download server is licensed under theOpen Database License 1.0.You may use the data for any purpose, but you have to acknowledge OpenStreetMap as the data source.Derived databases have to retain the same license.

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Street Hacker Version 1.1.8 Patch Download Free Pc

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