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While the Nintendo GameCube stood deep in the shadows of the PS2 in its day, its controller remains a popular target for all sorts of modifications today — many of them involving LEDs, thanks to a translucent bottom and button option. As an avid player of the Super Smash Bros. series, [goomysmash] is of course an owner of the very same controller, which motivated him to write GoomWave, a “versatile and hackable LED library”. In an impressively detailed Instructable, he shows how to modify your own controller in two different ways to make use of the library for yourself.

Initially inspired by the Shinewave mod that lights up RGB LEDs in colors associated to pre-defined moves in Smash Bros, [goomysmash] aimed to improve on it and add more versatility from the very beginning. Its latest iteration comes in a simplified ABXY-buttons-only variety using an ATtiny85, and a full-blown all-button variety using an Arduino Nano. Both of them are powered straight from the controller board, and have different modes where they either react to controller interactions, or are just custom lights. A brief showcasing of all the different modes can be seen in the video after the break, and there a few more details also in an older version’s video, also embedded below.

Mesmerizing LED-blinking aside, we just have to admire the diligence and cleanliness [goomysmash] put into the wiring and fitting everything inside the controller. But in case light mods aren’t your thing or you’re looking for other GameCube controller modifications, how about adding Bluetooth?

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I decided to port hi-res textures for Super Smash Bros. 64 for the virtual console. Why? Dolphin is simply better than Project64. This texture pack is intended for the NTSC-U, NALE01 version of Super Smash Bros. 64.
The PAL version should use the exact same textures. The JPN version however will not have any font textures. Should any textures be missing for PAL, let me know.
The textures are ported from Pietschie & Bad Randolphs work on Super Smash Bros. 64 for Project64. The textures are not mine, and I don't have any credits for it. Credits to Pietschie & Bad Randolphs.
The original texture pack suffers from a lot of issues, luckely from working though the Super Mario 64 HD texture pack I learned some basics on how to fix them. These issues mostly range to transparency, canvas sizes and half image sizes.
Also thanks to GhostlyDark for finding the missing textures and bringing this texture pack up-to-date.
Texture Pack status
- Current version is: V1.1.1.
- Both the DDS BC7 and PNG pack are uploaded, most is optmized through optiPNG.
- Both packs is packed in the 7-zip format. You might need to download 7-zip to unpack them. Newer versions of WinRAR should work too.
- The texture pack contains 3816 textures.
- Most screenshots are redone with the 16:9 Aspect Ratio Fix Gecko Code.
- Quite a few win conditions in 1P mode are missing. I suck in running 1P mode, so if you find any missing texture dump filenames please share them so I add them in the next update!
- The DDS BC7 pack requires 645.8 MB RAM.
- Use the latest official development build or Ishiiruka build for DDS BC7 support and decreased RAM requirement for DDS packs. Dolphin 5.0 does not support these features yet.
- Texture pack is finished for now.
Progress list
  • Stages -> All stages are finished, including Classic Mode and Bonus Practice stages.
  • Stage Backgrounds -> All stages backgrounds are finished.
  • Characters -> All character skins are finished
  • Interface -> Finished
  • HUD -> Finished.

Next update
  • Finished.


More Screenshots
Download Links:
Dolphin DDS BC7 / PC (Main Mirror):
Dolphin PNG (Backup Mirror):
Installation Instructions
  • Download the latest DDS or PNG pack. It is recommended to use the DDS pack which is much faster.
  • Download the latest official development or Ishiiruka build. Dolphin 5.0 and builds prior to that are not compatible.
  • DDS BC7 is supported since Dolphin 5.0-4894 and reduced RAM usage for DDS packs is supported since Dolphin 5.0-3506. Custom texture pack folder name and multiple GameID's is supported since Dolphin 5.0-11744.
  • Place the texture pack folder (works for all regions) in 'C:UsersUserNameDocumentsDolphin EmulatorLoadTextures'.
  • Enable 'Load Custom Textures' in Dolphin (Graphics -> Advanced -> Utility).
  • Enable 'Prefetch Custom Textures' in Dolphin to load all textures at once to reduce stuttering. This option requires a fair bit amount of RAM, 8 GB should be enough.

Improvements Through Gecko codes
The Gecko codes shown below only work for the NTSC-U (NALE01) or PAL (NALP01) versions of Super Smash Bros. 64 for the virtual console. Check carefully for which version the codes are and if they are AR or Gecko.
Credits to gamemasterplc for providing the 'Widescreen Aspect Ratio Fix for ...' codes.Bros
Credits to GMO for providing 'Unlock All Characters' and 'Unlock Mushroom Kingdom Stage' codes.
Widescreen - Gecko Codes
Widescreen Aspect Ratio Fix for 16:9 (Gecko Code)
05160044 3FE38E39
48000000 81255C20
DE000000 80008180
1512486C 3FE8BA27
E0000000 80008000
Widescreen Aspect Ratio Fix for 21:9 (Gecko Code)
05160044 40155555
48000000 81255C20
DE000000 80008180
1512486C 4018BA2C
E0000000 80008000
Unlocking - Gecko Codes
Unlock All Characters (Gecko Code)
011C90F8 0000000F
011C90F9 000000F0
Unlock Mushroom Kingdom Stage (Gecko Code)
011C90F7 000000FF
Models - AR Codes
Force Hires Character Models (AR Code)
051FC808 34040001
Force Lowres Character Models (AR Code)
051FC808 34040002
0120D99F 000000FF
Unlocking - Gecko Codes
Unlock All Characters (Gecko Code)
031D1AD8 00000FF0
Unlock Mushroom Kingdom Stage (Gecko Code)
011D1AD7 000000FF

* Each spoiler is tagged with the game version. Carefully check if codes ar AR or Gecko.
* Disable the 'Widescreen Hack' (Graphics -> Enhancements).
* Select 'Stretch to Window' (Graphics -> General - Display - Aspect Ration).
* Only use one Widescreen code at a time.
* Unlocking codes should be available through 'Download Codes (WiiRD Database)' button. Right click on Super Smash Bros. -> Click on properties -> Go to the Gecko Codes tab.
* Only codes that improve the quality of the game are requested such as improving upon difficulty (extra damage), fun (instant caps) or visual experience (60 FPS, widescreen, extended view).
* Know any good codes? Great, let me know and I add them into the code section here.

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