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Run the aircrack-ng to hack the WiFi password by cracking the authentication handshake. Aircrack-ng: Download and Install. The Latest Version Only: If you really want to hack WiFi – do not install the old aircrack-ng from your OS repositories. Download and compile the latest version manually.

WiFi hack is one of the worries that you might have if you own a wireless network at home or anywhere else. In fact, you can have every reason to be worried as chances are that you have heard from your neighbors or your friends that they are running out of giga bytes without using them and they believe someone has managed to hack WiFi password and steal their data traffic. You might have even experienced it yourself that you ran out of your monthly internet traffic just in a couple of days. WiFi security is not just something which needs to be considered for home networks only. In fact, big companies which use wireless networks to transfer data might also be at risk of cyber attacks to their network. In what follows, I will introduce you a WiFi hack tool called Aircrack-ng. You can also download Aircrack-ng to find out how secure your network is. Here is all you need to know about this application.

What is Aircrack-ng?

As I mentioned earlier, Aircrack-ng is a tool to test the security of WiFi networks. Aircrack-ng can hack WiFi by finding weaknesses in a wireless network. The nature of this app is for finding weaknesses in a network, but this tool can be used for other purposes as well. The truth is, apps such as Androdumpper or Aircrack-ng are not designed for hacking purposes. They are designed to help experts and ordinary people to secure their wireless networks and protect their data by finding and eliminating weak points in their networks. But these tools can act as a two-edged sword, some people might download Aircrack-ng to hack Wifi networks by attacking weaknesses in a network.

Aircrack-ng has offered a new version after a considerably long time and this app can now be stronger than before. You can download Aircrack-ng and expect a better performance as the app has managed to eliminate problems which existed in the older version of the application. In the new version of the application, the developers have used better algorithms which enhances CPU efficiency and as a result, the app is able to crack WiFi passwords much faster.

Another point you need to consider about Aircrack-ng is that this app is only available for Windows and Linux operating systems and it is not available for other operating systems such as Android or iOS. If you are looking for a hack tool to crack WiFi networks which can be used on mobile devices, apps such as Droidjack or Androdumpper can be a better option for you as you can download Aircrack-ng only for desktop computers.

As mentioned before, the real reason why apps such as Aircrack-ng are developed are to maximize the protection and security of wireless networks, but such tools can be used for hacking as well which is definitely not moral and legal.

Features of Aircrack-ng application

The new version of the Aircrack application, Aircrack-ng 1.2, has a number of added features along with the ordinary features that this tool used to offer before. The most significant update of this application is its better compatibility with different operating systems. It is now much easier to hack WiFi and find WiFi password with Aircrack-ng and network experts can now use it more efficiently to find the weak points of the wireless networks.

Here are some of the most important features you can have if you download Aircrack-ng application:

  1. The ability to monitor and control packets sent via the network and the ability to change them to text files in order to process them or to decrypt them with other tools.
  2. Manage attacks, fake access points and unallowed access by using packet injection techniques.
  3. Test network card and WiFi router and the ability to find their potentials or injecting codes to them.
  4. Including a tool to break WEP and WPA PSK on networks and hack WiFi password.
  5. Fast in finding network passwords.
  6. Simple and easy to use interface.

Download Aircrack-ng

If you would like to use this WiFi hack tool, you can download Aircrack-ng from the links below and make use of all its great features in its latest version. After you download Aircrack-ng for Windows or Linux, extract the file and run the file in the Bin folder. If you are looking for tutorials on how to use Aircrack0-ng, you can follow our articles in the future.


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