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Club Members: To access the free Deluxe Set of concentric circles make sure you are logged in, then hover over the 'Pattern Clubs' tab and click on, 'Current Club Members: PDFs & Specials' then click on 'Masters Club'. You can download them from there if you are logged in and the site recognizes you as a member.

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Please note: Every Pattern we do is Downloadable - we do not send out any hard copies and we do not sell paper pantos. However, every pattern comes with a pdf that you can download and print.

Frequently Asked Questions;

What Formats are available for the patterns on your site?

***Scroll down to the bottom of this section to see all available Formats***


I don't want to join a Club but i found a pattern i want to buy that says it was in the Masters club can i still buy it?

The short answer is YES. That note that is in the comments on individual patterns or sets is just to let club members know which month and club it was in so they do not duplicate purchasing a pattern they might already have.

Why won't the patterns sync with my Gammill Elevate?

You need to change a setting in your pattern cloud here is what you should do;Go to:<MY ACCOUNT>/My Cloud Click the Stitchers tab If the Elevate Selective Sync is checked, you will need to uncheck it Then go to your tablet and sync your patterns; your new pattern(s) should be there.

How much are the different clubs?

Masters club $25 monthly, Artisans club $15 Monthly, it does not cost anything to join if you want the current month and you joined after we billed you can purchase it as a past club set.

Can I purchase Past club sets?

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Yes, hover over the 'Pattern Clubs' Button, then go to, the club you are a member of, then go 'to view or purchase past club sets'. Choose the year you want to view and don't forget to choose your format.

How do I learn about the different clubs?

Hover over the Pattern clubs button and click on, Learn about or join our clubs.

What if i purchase a pattern I already have?

We will give your credit or refund you. However, our site is set up when you go purchase a duplicate pattern it will give you a message that you own it. It will not stop you from purchasing it so watch your messages closely.

I did not get my email with the link how do i get my patterns?

Make sure you put Wasatch Quilting down as a safe site in your email program, if you still have trouble getting the download link, Login to the site go to your account and click on your profile, the last tab to the right is your download library, you can download from there as often as you need to.

How do I discontinue the club?

If you email Brent at [email protected] with your request he will immediately copy your request and put it in your file and stop billing you for the club.

Do you ever have sales?

We have a yearly sale of 50% off in November every year. Then we have had, in the past, sales that coordinate with the conferences we attend. With the onset of COVID, and the uncertainty of future gatherings, we are going to have a sale in May of 40% off, to be announced....

Why don't club sets go on sale?

Club sets are already so deeply discounted that there is simply no room to put them on sale further. They are sometimes as low as 50 cents to $1. a pattern. However; club members are the only ones that can stack discounts. If you are a club member during our sales you will receive your club discount on top of the sale discount. 50% off plus 25% Master club discount = 75% off

How does my wish list work?

If you find a pattern you would really like to have but do not need it right away simply click on the wish list button, it immediately adds it to your personal wish list and shows you what is in that list. Then if a sell comes up you can touch the button that says add all to cart, or add them one by one to your cart.

How do my reward points work?

Everything you purchase including club sets give you reward points on our site. You will receive 10 percent back in points for every purchase.

How do i redeem my reward points?

When you go to check out on the bottom right you will see some details of your purchase. Under Reward points click on the option you want.

How do I get my patterns?

You will be emailed a receipt right away. Scroll down to the bottom of the receipt and you will find a link to click on. Click on the link and download your patterns to an area on your computer set aside for downloads. Before you put your patterns on your quilting computer you will need to unzip the files. After you have successfully unzipped your files you may transfer them to your quilting computer.

Why are not all the patterns available in Embroidery formats?

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We are a company that digitizes computerized Quilting patterns when a pattern says available in all formats it is specifically referring to quilting formats. We started formatting into embroidery formats around 2018 so any pattern done earlier than that will not include those formats. If you purchase a pattern that does not include the format you need please email Brent at [email protected] and tell him which format you need and he will get it or them to you ASAP...

Can I join a club in Embroidery Format?

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We have a several embroidery format club members and we are gaining more and more every day, but we ourselves do not do embroidery, and we cannot give you customer support on those formats. Those customers that join our clubs usually have extensive knowledge on their particular machine. We will try to work with you on getting the right format for your machine and solving small problems, but if you need extensive help with them you will need to get outside help from a friend or dealer.

Do you take special requests?

Yes we do. We cannot do logo's. We are usually backed up about 6 months on special requests for entire quilt sets. If you need a single pattern or 2 we can usually work those in for you. The requirements for an entire quilt set are, For paper pieced... I need the complete line drawing of the complete quilt with the finished measurement of the quilt ie: (80 X 80). It needs to be a quilt that our customers can get on and purchase the piecing pattern on the internet. If it is a paper pieced quilt we need the line drawing of the quilt in a JPG form, we cannot make exceptions on this. In order for the patterns to fit correctly that JPG is necessary. The JPG needs to be straight on it cannot be at an angle, i use this to scan in and bring into my CAD program to design the patterns in... For other quilts that are not paper pieced i need to recreate the quilt in my CAD program so i need measurements of the blocks and pieces to the quilt. for instance 4 inch half square triangles or if it is an irish chain what size blocks is the whole quilt made of?

The best way to build your pattern library at a fraction of the cost is to join a club.

Check out our Masters Club Patterns valued between $400-$600, you get them for $25 a month!!Read all about our clubs, we believe you will agree that we have the best value on the Internet for a pattern club.

Available Digital Formats

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  • QLI - Statler Stitcher - will also work on Pro-Stitcher, Quilt Motion, Quilt Magician, Quilt Path, Bernina Q-Matic, Compuquilter, Shirley Stitcher
  • HQF - Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher
  • PAT - ABM Innova AutoPilot
  • GPF - Grace QuiltMotion - QuiltPath - Quiltmagine - Qnique
  • IQP - Intelliquilter
  • CQP - Compuquilter - is no longer available or supported compuquilter users can use the DXF and change it to a CQP
  • BQM - Bernina Q-Matic
  • DXF - Auto Cad - Shirley Stitcher - APQS
  • TXT - PC Quilter -
  • PLT - QBot HPGL Plotter files
  • SSD - Side Saddle
  • QCC - Quilt EZ Butler
  • (NOTE: Some of our Quilting Patterns designed before 2016 may not have all of the Quilt Formats above. If you purchase a pattern and the download doesn't include a format just email us and we will send it to you right away!)
  • Embroidery Formats - (DST - EXP - HUS - JEF - PCS - PES - SEW - VIP - VP3 - XXX) We have added these Embroidery Formats to our patterns where noted on the website since 2018. If a pattern doesn't include one of these please email us with your request) Since all of our designs were done with long arm quilting as the focus, we cannot guarantee that every design will work as well on embroidery machines.