World Of Warships Wasd Hack Download

World of Warships is one of the most spectacular free online games. In it, you control a warship of the diesel era across the World Wars. In a team, you complete missions like epicenter control, domination, or standard battle. It was released in 2017 by Wargaming, the company we love for the World of Tanks. You can download World of Warships for Windows and OS X.

  1. World Of Warships Download Size

Graphics (5/5)

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It’s a high-quality online battleship game. Switching between third-person and first-person (binocular) view lets you enjoy the immersion and stare at the recreated warships – though, of course, they differ from their prototypes. Its sounds and voicing are also nearly perfect, especially when you play with your headphones on.

Before you download World of Warships, make sure you have at least 60GB free on your drive. And, as you see those vast seascapes with scattered islands, these warships with weapons, these zeppelins and planes in the sky, explosions and shots, you will see that no single byte has been wasted. Other specs required, though, are rather modest.

Gameplay (5/5)

As you play World of Warships, you control a warship, among a fleet on a mission. There are enemy ships not far, and you are to meet very soon. Your radar shows you where the enemy is. The place is usually complicated: it can be an open sea, an archipelago, a shore, and so on. Each place requires a special tactical approach.

There are four battleship classes: battleships, carriers, cruisers, and destroyers. Each class requires its own tactics, and, as you don’t know what ships your mates select this time, you’ll need to shape your tactics when everyone’s in. This adds an element of surprise, making the game new each time. Given various modes and several types of missions, this makes the gameplay almost inexhaustible.

When caught in the fight, you need to both hit your enemies and avoid their fire. It’s harder than it might seem if you only have played World of Tanks by this developer. Tanks are much better at maneuver, while warships are way slower and more awkward. If you choose a destroyer, though, you can get something similar to that.

As you progress, you can upgrade your ships and unlock new ones. There are ships of different eras, from before World War I to shortly after World War II. You can combine American and German, Soviet and Japanese, French and Italian ships. This isn’t the most historically accurate world war game, but its balance is close to perfect.

World Of Warships Download Size

It’s the main World of Warships game. There are simplified versions for consoles and mobiles, but if you want to play World of Warships like it was designed, this is the option.

World Of Warships Wasd Hack Download

Controls (4/5)

The PC version of the game offers just traditional WASD + mouse controls, with some extra buttons on special needs (number keys to change the active weapons, SHIFT to activate the binocular view, and so on. Some players complain of lack of gamepad support; but the PC version is quite different from Legends, the console edition, and the mobile one. In the beginning, a player goes through a brief tutorial. As new features are introduced, there is an explanation for each of them. And still a gamepad would have been a good option.

Replay Value (5/5)

If you liked this game immediately, you can either play World of Warships for free or make in-game purchases to accelerate your progress. But it’s not necessary at all. If you like the gameplay, it would make more sense to take it slow and earn points and money yourself. Like most free online games, WoWS gives an advantage to those who purchase extras and buys better ships, armor, ammunition, and weapons.


This battleships game is considered one of the best of its sort. It’s well balanced, there are always enough players online, and if not, bots will fill the gaps. But be sure that you have enough time. Unlike casual free games online, World of Warships will consume much time. If you’re a history or navy freak, though, it will be easier for you to get familiar with all those 350+ ships and the tactics they require. Wargaming is great at creating games that eventually become a lifestyle, and frequent updates enhance its greatness.

  • Great visuals
  • Hundreds of ships copying real ones or unrealized projects
  • Immersive team gameplay in various locations and modes
  • You don’t see a battleship online game released every day
  • Free to play


  • No controller support
  • Hard to get used to its slow gameplay after World of Tanks, Call of Duty, and other MMO
  • It can get you busy for longer than you expect


  • Do I have to pay to succeed in this game?
    No, you don’t. A little investment will accelerate your progress, but if you don’t want to pay any money, that’s okay.
  • Are there any events on World of Warships?
    Yes, there are, and the game will notify you about them.
  • How long does World of Warships download take?
    It depends on your bandwidth, but hardly will it take more than two hours. Still, it’s not a procedure to do often. So get yourself enough free place, so you don’t have to delete it immediately.