Wow 3.3.5a Hack Hitchhiker Download

Wow 3.3.5a Hack Hitchhiker Download

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I tried searching for this but came up with nothing. So I am going to share the 2 exploits I've found.
First, you need to be on a Priest. Also you must be specced Shadow for this to work.
Make a 2 macros:
#showtooltip Shoot
/castsequence !Shoot, !Shoot

and now for the second one:
/cast !shoot
/cast devouring plague

Bind the first to 1, and the second to 2.
Now, press 1 then when your wand spell is in the air shooting at the target, spam your 2 button.
It will cast devouring plague repeatedly with no GCD. Repeat as needed.
****Also you can replace devouring plague with holy nova and there will be NO GCD!
Now for Invisibility make a macro:
/cancelaura dispersion
- Get on a mount of your choice and be in shadowform. Then, cast dispersion and then hit your macro. You are now invisible.
*Tested and working on Crusadegaming most likely works on many others

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Eclipse.buildId=4.6.1.M201java.version=1.8.0111java.vendor=Oracle CorporationBootLoader constants: OS=win32, ARCH=x8664, WS=win32, NL=enUSCommand-line arguments: -os win32 -ws win32 -arch x8664org.eclipse.ant.launchingErrorMon Jan 02 09:39:47 MST 2017JRE version less than 1.7 is not supported.Is this indicating that neon cannot actually build/run jre 1.6 applications?


Wow 3.3.5a Download Torrent

credits: ingridcole

one of the answers, posted november 8:

Confirmed on WoWbeez and WoWGasm, works! +rep
Also you can do with mage
/cast !shoot
/cast Arcane Explosion
the invisibility doesnt work for me.

Wow Super Dmg Hack Bug 3.3 5a Download Torrent

Wow 3.3.5a Download Zip

Updated to v1.7.
* Speedhack now obtain Adv (advanced) mode with controllable speed and it increases only your speed. But it does consume much more CPU power, depends on the number of players around you. Alterac may be impossible with Adv mode for someone, use Def mode instead
* Anticheat protection for speedhack to let you bypass serverside anticheats (watch video to learn how to use)
* Track units and objects are now configurable
* Anti DC option for FlyHack to let you avoid a problems with jumps, swimming, waterwalking, stuns and etc when flying.
* Simple teleport. You put coords if they are from same map and you got teleport! You also must turn off teleport when your teleportation ends
* Fake teleport. Your 'physical body' teleported to new coordinates, but in your client you still remain at old position.
* Desynch position. You 'physical body' standing at one place when you walking anywhere in your client.
* Teleport to plane. You 'physical body' walking under or above the ground when you walking normally on the ground in your client
* Disable terrain. Let you fall under ground of fly through it for using Death Grip vs qq guys.
* Infinity/Instant zoom. You have an eye of a hawk and can look at battlefield even when you far away from your character.
* Fall speed. You can use it as slow fall, but the dmg is not decreased!
* Baloon mode. Negative gravity, it means you will fly like a baloon when jump
* Hide target. You can hide your current target from other players, nobody will know who are your victim when you pwn them.
* Show tris. You can enable wireframe
* Bug textures. You can see a funny bug with textures
* Hostile faction. You can try to attack friendly targets (if it doesn't fixed on your server yet) and use gates on BG's to start a chaos
* Neutral faction. You can inspect enemy players
* Enable AVR Addon. You can now use this useful addon to visually mark positions for your raid tactic
* Ress at corpse. You don't get teleported to graveyard when release spirit if die, works only in outdoor zones and BGs
* Anti Swim to let you run on the sea bottom instead of swimming
* Wall Climb now consumes only one skill point instead of two
* Interact While Dead now doesn't makes you feel like you are dead (can't use skills and etc) when you alive.
// go go ruin pvp!
* Anti Root to let you move in sap, roots, stuns and etc
* Anti Knockback to let you ignore knockback effects.
* Freeze Speed to let you ignore movement speed changes (may require to turn on 'Anticheat Protection' option for some servers)
* New style again :S