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ZENONIA 4 MOD APK: Have you ever possibly considered that this game would encounter a MOD APK? It feels like flooring the seaside.


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Review Zenonia 4 – The Best RPG Game. At last the first RPG game on iOS that I will review and what makes it so good? It is , friends. Yaks, Zenonia 4 which was released last December 22, 2011 is to download from iTunes. Although there are only versions for iPhone and iTouch, but the graphics of this game are classified as High Definition, so if you play them from iPad with even 2x magnification, the image is still good.

The world and characters in Zenonia 4 are nicely packaged, maybe friends who have played games like Ragnarok Online, Tales of Destiny, Star Ocean, will feel nostalgic when playing this game. Enough with 2D graphics I can feel the fun of playing RPG on iOS. I give 5/5 for Zenonia 4 graphics.

Using Zenonia 4 mod apk will provide unlimited zen and unlimited gold to your character. You can use them to get both many consumables and equipments to your character.


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Latest changelog:
☑ Adding a lot more info with regards to of use the mod hack

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

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More ZENONIA 4 Overview

Gameplay, in Zenonia 3, after Regret sacrificed himself, he was trapped in the Land of Fallen where curious spirits roamed. Here Regret is made as if living comfortably and peacefully in a remote village. But it turned out that it was all a delusion made by followers of the Dark Lord. So the Great Creator sent a little Fairy named Anya to help Regret himself from that imaginary world. Finally Regret, who met himself from the future, began his adventure after being d from his imaginary world.

Here we can choose one of the 4 jobs available, namely Slayer (melee), Blader (melee), Ranger (range) and Druide (range). Each – each has advantages and disadvantages of each – each. Of the four jobs, the easiest to play is Slayer with a large level of attack and defense, making it one of the strongest and easiest jobs to play.

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Zenonia 4 is divided into 3 difficulty levels, namely Normal, Hard and Hell. At first you will play the Normal mode, until you finish this game for the first time. After that you will be taken to the beginning of the game, but with a difficulty level Hard. After you finish Hard mode, you can only enter Hell mode. Wow, so we will repeat – keep repeating? Bored … Take it easy, how come gamevil has prepared an anti-bored method, namely … Secret Ending … Yaks, secret ending, one of the things that is most loved by RPG lovers, where this ending can only be obtained through Hard mode. Gamevil claims that gamers who try this game spend an average of more than 40 hours playing Zenonia 4.

Zenonia 4 offers its own challenges for the RPG world on iOS, monsters in this game are not easy to beat. Need strategy and perseverance to defeat your enemies, especially boss monsters that are very strong. Grinding and leveling for hours you will definitely do if you want to finish this game. So for all the features and challenges, the gameplay of this game also gives me a value of 5/5

Here also you can find a PvP feature where you can challenge your friends or Zenonia 4 players from around the world to face you one on one. Unfortunately your opponents character is just a CPU that uses data from other players in Zenonia 4. So the impression of Real Time is lost in this games PvP mode.

Tips and Tricks, Just tips for friends who play Zenonia 4 is Inventory Management, Because Zenonia 4 is a limited inventory, its good to manage your inventory, so you dont miss good drop items. For Essence, each job only needs to store one type of essence. Dimensional (slayer), Space (blader), Magic (ranger), Life (druid). Sell everything that is not related to your job. Sell or combine all magic or plain items, only rare, epic, unique or legendary. If you get goods ??? that must be identified, first look at the selling price. If 100, then the type is magic, 200 types are rare, 300 types are epic. Because the idenfication scroll is limited, then use it as well as possible for epic and high level items.

Leveling, One of the fastest leveling methods is by following the Den of Trial, with the price (lvlmu) x 50, in my opinion it is very worthed to enter the Den of Trial, especially if you can use strong friends, your level can soar high in there. Friends may add my character lvl blader. 77 who is called Jagler if he needs help.

Zenonia 4 mod is the one that newest we have. You can get almost unlimited everything by using this mod.


Dealing with the Boss, Never collide with a boss monster (unless you are already really strong), look for opportunities to hit from the opposite direction when the boss issues an attack. Most of the bosses in Zenonia 4 give a lot of delay when attacking. Stay relaxed and dont rush.

The Abyss, Every day you can visit The Abyss from your status menu, here you can get epic, unique and legendary items. The higher the level you can reach, the better drop the items from the enemy. To complete one level, you must finish off all the monsters at that level in the allotted time. If it runs out, your mission fails. Just a tip, if you want to quickly finish off the enemy, first run away so that all enemies follow you, after gathering, then you launch an attack.

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Oh yes, if there are friends who want to ask or experience difficulties, you can ask us right away. We will be happy to always answer questions from friends. Ok, congratulations on playing Zenonia 4 and become the strongest hero to save the world from the evil hands of the Dark Lord Shaturu.


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Zenonia 4 cheats will help you to get unlimited money (zen and gold). You can use them to increase your character stats and it is an indirectly way to get unlimited all.

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– Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamevil.zenonia4.global
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