Zombie Catchers Hack Game Download

Zombie Catcher Mod APK is an exciting game where the players are taken into the future, basically to the gameplay where none finds zombies fearful. Instead, the players look for the zombies with an aim to have them turn into something, i.e. into a dish that they crave for to expand the business empire they are to establish at the beginning. The variety in zombies can have them cook a variety of dishes to earn a handsome amount for making the purchase of the weapons with the level upgrades.

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  2. Zombie Catchers Hack Game Download
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Download Zombie Catchers for PC free at BrowserCam. Learn to download and also Install Zombie Catchers on PC (Windows) which is designed by Two Men & A Dog. Offering wonderful features. There are few essential steps below that you have to keep in mind before you begin to download Zombie Catchers. Zombie catchers MOD APK offers thrilling gameplay! Be the rescuer of your people and make a profit from it! The MOD version will provide better graphics and overall better gaming experience. Download it now! Download From Google Play. Zombie Catchers 1.29.5 Mod APK. Zombie Catchers 1.29.5 Mod (64 MB). New Zombie Catchers Hack has been released!The lastest versions of Zombie Catchers Hack will help you to generate the amount of Gold and Plutonium you want.It works for iOS devices and you don't need to jailbreak.Download Zombie Catchers Hack using the free third app store named Panda Helper by the following steps.And you will change your game to an easier one. Notice: Zombie Catchers is completely free to play, but the game also allows you to purchase some items for real money. If you do not wish to use this feature, change your device's settings and disable in-app purchases. Zombie Catchers is allowed for download and play only for persons 13 years of age or over.

Features of the game/ gameplay

  • Unique gameplay- Although there are numerous zombie games for the mobile phone users, the zombie catcher hack is something unique due to the exceptionally unique gameplay. The use of the best graphics within the game is an additional feature to the gameplay that helps one in experiencing the reality.
  • Interesting storyline- What makes the storyline of the game a unique one is a fact that it is now the zombies who are to fear from the human as they will be cooked into something delicious to be eaten up. As a player, you are to wear the shoes of the zombie catcher via making use of your brain, exceptional skills, and that available equipment within the store.
  • Exiting gadgets- The gamers are always looking for something that can enhance their interest within the game. Here it is the hidden gadget that the player will have to unlock with the passage of time. The exciting part is that no matter which gadget the player unlocks with an increasing level within the game, it carries its very own unique abilities for the assistance of the player.
  • Adventure- The exciting part of the game further is the adventure that the developer creates within the game. Players are to establish their own empire from the start via having held onto the zombies as many as they can with the use of unique weapons available. Cook for their customers the spicy dishes and earn money in exchange. To expand the business empire, the players should catch every kind of zombie for earning huge amount of money.
  • Great sound effects- Alongside the hi-resolution graphics, the game also features exclusive sound effects. The fun of zombies within the game with the background sound effect enhances the level of entertainment for the players.

Highlight the Mod APK

Zombie Catchers Hack Game Download Full

Zombie catcher mod APK is a preferred choice of the majority game lovers as they have that unique power to let the zombies fear them rather than they fear the zombies. This is what makes up the gameplay as well as the storyline an exceptionally unique one.

The efforts of the developer can be justified via the availability of the weapons that act as a helpful tool in expanding the entire business empire. Moreover, the players are free to choose and unlock as many gadgets as they want to but online with the level upgrades. For the weapons, the players can also make use of real money.

Details of Zombie Catcher Mod APK

Name of the applicationZombie Catcher Mod APK
Developer NameTwo Men and a Dog
Android Version4.1 +
APK Version1.26.2
Size of the app78 MB

Gameplay Screen


In Zombie Catcher Hack since the player is to act like a zombie hunter after establishing his/her very own empire, this game turns out to be among those demanding ones. Although the game cost nothing to the player as is free to have it downloaded within the android devices, there still lies an option for the players to make the purchase of the weapon from their real money. Just experienced the game? Feel free to share with us!

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NameZombie Catchers
PublisherDeca Games
Latest Version1.26.0
File Size77 MB
FeaturesPlutonium, Money
PlatformsAndroid, iOS

Zombie Catchers Mod APK


4.1/5(379 votes )

One of the Top 10 games in over 90 countries, One of the top 5 action games in over 100 countries and over 50 million downloads. These are some of the achievements that Zombie Catcher has already achieved in addition to receiving a 5/5 rating from multiple critics. Made by Deca Games, Zombie catcher is a zombie action game set in a world encapsulated in a zombie invasion. Two intergalactic businessmen, A.J. and Bud have decided to set up a food business empire and sell various zombie products. These products include tasty juices, candies, and cuisines. Further, they are also planning to seize all the zombies, making the earth safe again while also making a good profit.


The name of this game pretty much explains what’s inside. You have to catch zombies who have infested planet earth. There’s a twist though, you don’t kill the zombies here. So, what do we do with the zombies? We create tasty juices, and cuisines from the zombies and sell it to hungry customers. It might sound disgusting but these dishes have high demand in the intergalactic world and this is what brings us money. So, dispatch your army of drones all over the world and find awesome zombies, bait special boss zombies and capture them with your badass harpoon. The game is twice as interesting as it sounds. Check out this amazing Animated video on this game.

But there are some shortcomings to Zombie Catcher. Jump to the next section to see why all this is not easy as it looks like, and why there was a need to introduce Zombie Catcher Mod APK to the users.

Why is a Mod needed for Zombie Catcher?

“After level 35 the game begins to get repetitive, it’s no longer engaging and the engineers of this game clearly want you to spend money (and lots of it) because you can’t really unlock levels without spending money and plutonium.”

“Has a very bad glitch! About 2 weeks ago it glitched out, I had 4 drones logged on the next day and I was still at level 60 had 0 drones all my juices were still there have all my weapons still. So I am struggling with three now because I had the first free drone then had to buy another 2. Grr, I’m now at level 66 and still only have 3 drones but I am slowly building up plutonium.”


These are two of the many reviews that criticize the game because it gets a lot more difficult after you have reached level 30 or above and how the sources to obtain plutonium are limited. These limitations hinder the users to truly enjoy the game and spoil the overall gaming experience. However, these problems can be tackled using Zombie Catcher Mod APK. The modified version of Zombie Catchers offers unlimited everything(Plutonium, Coins, equipment) so you don’t have to worry about getting all the levels unlocked.

If you find the mod apk of this interesting then you must try Swamp Attack mod APK and Dead Trigger mod APK were similar to this you have a catch and defeat zombies.

In the next section, we are going to discuss all these features in detail which will help you bring more sense out of this.


Zombie Catchers Hack Game Download

With each hit of the harpoon, you get 15-30 coins while most of the equipment like a Net gun, Zombie Trap or Tesla Gun cost anywhere between 500 to 2000 coins. On top of that, you will only be able to purchase these weapons once you unlock higher levels. Each weapon is unlocked at a specific level (more on that here). Plutonium which is another important resource in the game is only rarely found in the game is the only mean to upgrade the shop and squeezers. The mod version of Zombies Catchers features all these resources in unlimited quantity.


Zombie Catchers Hack Game Download Pc

We are sorry to break your bubble but websites with plutonium generators are fake. The only reliable to get unlimited plutonium is either by spending a lot of money or by using Zombie Catcher’s Mod. Of course, we don’t want to spend money and that’s why we’re here reading this article in the first place. Therefore, download the mod and enjoy unlimited plutonium which you can use to buy all the weapons and upgrade them.

Zombie Catchers Hack Game Download Windows 10

All Levels Unlocked


Zombie Catchers features 100 different levels each with increasing difficulty. As a player reaches level 30 the difficulty increase quite a folds. Each of which can be unlocked sequentially passing through the previous levels. This increase in difficulty makes a lot of players quit the game. Using Zombie Catchers mod apk one can jump directly to any level as all of them unlocked from the very beginning.

Money (Coins)

Coins will be used to purchase and upgrade weapons. To meet the increasing demand for various zombie products one has to catch as many zombies as possible. To catch zombies on a large scale, one must upgrade and unlock the best of the weapons which require a lot of money. With Zombie Catcher Mod APK, you will get unlimited money which you can use to freely upgrade your weapons.

All equipment unlocked and upgraded

Zombie Catchers offers a wide variety of weapons which includes some deadly weapons like Harpoon, Jetpack, Net Gun, Tranquilizer, Zombie trap, and Tesla gun. All these weapons and equipment are already unlocked and fully upgraded with Zombie Catcher mod apk.

Gameplay Video


Zombie Catcher brings an out of the world concept for a zombie game. It is entertaining and the quality of graphics it top notch. “It’s incredibly charming and accessible, but hunting all the different zombies can make for a worthwhile challenge as well”, said Pocket Gamer, a popular game critic. You can even join the community and share your zombie hunting stories with fellow gamers as well as be the first one to know about the updates.Unlimited Unlimited


All applications at BlueMods.com are tested and verified before being made available to the users. Zombie Catchers Mod APK does not require any human verification or survey to initiate the download. You should avoid any site that asks you to complete a survey or to download additional applications to verify your identity.
Also, take a note that 'Cheats' or 'Generators' for Zombie Catchers Mod APK do not work. In fact, they are scams targeted to steal your personal or device information.